10 incredible beauty of Ukrainian castles: mysterious stories to self, which will be the envy

10 incredible beauty of Ukrainian castles: mysterious stories to self, which will be the envy

In Ukraine are located the castles of the legendary kings and the mysterious alchemists, and some even can live.

Castles and palaces in the Ukrainian lands more than surviving. In fact, in each region, you can find the building or its remains, which formerly served as housing for the aristocracy. But in Soviet times they were not engaged and were used as warehouses, motels, hospitals, boarding schools or military units. And now their condition is poor. However, there are locks that are saved or restored. They are scattered through the territory of Ukraine and remain little known.
TSN.Tourism has prepared a list of best castles of Ukraine, which is a must see.

Castle «Radomysl»

The castle is located in the city of Radomyshl in Zhytomyr region. The building was restored and rebuilt from the ruins of the mill, founded in 1902.
During the restoration of the castle builders found the remains of a paper mill, built in the XVII century. It was founded by the Archimandrite of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Prior to that, the factory was known only from the Chronicles, but where it was located, was a mystery.
Key-factory reconditioned — it has paper manufacturing technology XVII century. Anyone can learn this craft from the masters who work here.
In one of the halls of the Museum of Ukrainian home icons of the XVII-XX century. It has about 5000 copies of different parts of Ukraine. Here you can walk by yourself, book a tour and make for atmospheric photo.

The building has a refectory, made in the medieval style. The main decoration of the hall is a huge oven in which to roast a whole boar. The ceiling of the refectory support the massive beams and no light gets through the castle window. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so you can imagine how they lived and feasted our ancestors.
Castle «Radomysl» work Banquet, concert and conference halls.
The hotel is furnished in medieval style, rooms here — from the humble cells to the Royal chambers. Per day and per apartment for two people cost from 1300 UAH on weekdays and from 1500 UAH to the output. Each of them feature exclusive and rare furniture. Moreover, the rooms are decorated in styles from different countries: Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, England or France.
Around the castle you will find a landscape Park with sculptures, bridges and two natural waterfalls on the river Myka.

www.flickr.com/Vitaliy Ilnytskyy

Castle «White Swan»

The castle is located on the outskirts of the village of Medzhybizh, Khmelnytskyi region. Here in the southern bug empties into the river Buzhok, hence the name of the village «Between Boogie».
The history of fortifications Medzhybizh starts from the XII century. Then it was a wooden fortress on the earthworks. The stone walls appeared only two centuries later.
The modern shape of the lock was acquired immediately. First laid wall thickness of about 2 meters, then finished the two towers: the Knight and Officer. In the latter the thickness of the walls up to 4 meters and a height of 17 meters.

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In the XVI century the Eastern side was strengthened five-Bastion with loopholes for firing. Now this completion makes strengthening recognizable.
The name of the castle «White Swan» was in 1846, when the already interesting architecture has been embellished and expanded by new buildings in the romantic style, and the walls covered with white lime plaster.
On the territory of the Medzhybizh fortress stands the Church of St. Nicholas, which was repeatedly reconstructed, as in Soviet times, were abandoned. However, now it is restored.

The castle was captured many times, but the greatest destruction occurred after the arrival of the Bolsheviks. Then its premises were used in the Creamery. And after the Second world war, the castle was allowed to disassemble the materials for farmers. Only since 1967, it began to explore and protect at the state level.
In Mariborska castle feature several museums: history, Ethnography and famine.
Every year before the independence Day of Ukraine in the citadel festival «Ancient Medzhybizh». Rekonstruiruet historical event, conduct a staged medieval battle, and the fortress filled with tourists. Last year the festival was not held, but the organizers in social networks promised to hold in 2017.
Schedule castle from 09:00 to 18:00. Entrance fee — 15 UAH, and the tour — 50 UAH. Open daily except Monday.
Medzhybizh attracts tourists not only by the walls of the fortress. Surroundings two rivers flow, and there is hydrological reserve Tower. So here you go lovers of green tourism and want to live under the open sky in tents.
In Medzhibozh and neighboring villages and has several hotels. The room rate for two persons — 400 UAH.

www.flickr.com/Maksym Dyachenko

Castle Of Radzivil

The castle is located in the village of Olyka in Volyn region. It is also called — Olitsky. Around the building has been preserved Park surrounded by several lakes near the river Putylivky.
The castle was laid in the sixteenth century the Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Nikolai Krzysztof Radziwill. From the family of the landowner got about a half dozen of outstanding people: the chancellors, hetmans and bishops.
Olitsky castle was repeatedly besieged, but never taken. It is built in the shape of a square, the corners of which are protected by powerful bastions. One of them is well preserved to the present day. The courtyard is decorated with a square with avenues and flower beds.
The ditches and some additional buildings are partially preserved to the present day. However, all in need of restoration. The castle itself has retained the noble features only from the outside. To call it is bridge, which in ancient times was raised. It leads to the entry tower.

Olitski near the castle stands the collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity. On its facade remains stunning sacred paintings and bas-reliefs. Built at the expense of Radziwill family, following the example of the Italian Church of the gesù. In 2013 he restored, but the restoration is not completed.
In Olyka remained one of the oldest in Volyn stone churches of the XV century, the remnants of the Catholic cemetery and the tower of the Lutsk gate. The town is a road that is paved with 6-sided paving stones, which laid in the time of the Radziwills. Good saved the area between Alikai and route Lutsk-Rivne.
The castle houses a hospital for the mentally ill. So, you can see the facades of the courtyard, the remains of defensive walls, the Church and the Park. By prior arrangement you can book a tour open to inspection places and into the Church.

www.flickr.com/Boris Kolupaev

Lubart’s Castle

The castle is located in the city of Lutsk. In addition to the castle of the citadel, is partly preserved walls and ramparts that surrounded the old town. With ancient buildings: the tower Czartoryski, building the seat of the Bishop, the Cathedral and the network of ancient underground caves with all facilities.
Lubart’s castle is one of the largest and oldest in Ukraine. Built by the last Prince of Galicia-Volyn Principality by liubartas in the XIV century. It was the residence of the Prince, and after the unification of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kingdom of Poland it became the seat of Royal power.
Lutsk castle, Ukraine’s national capital residence which has been preserved to our days.
The citadel is three differently decorated tower: Entry, Styr and Vladycha United 12-meter-high defensive walls. The entrance tower has a height of 27 meters, Styr — 23 meters. In the yard is preserved the Gentry and the Episcopal home.

In Lutsk castle has museums: books, Church bells, artistic and archaeological finds. In the courtyard of medieval buildings is up to five annual festivals: ethnic, jazz and art. One of the most unique is the festival of bell ringers. It is carried out in the bell tower, built over the remains of the Church of St. John the theologian of the twelfth century.
Schedule Lubart’s Castle from 10:00 to 19:00. Ticket price — UAH 50 for adults and UAH 25 for children.
Near the castle is a large Central Park of culture and rest. On its territory there is a zoo.
In luck a well-developed infrastructure. The city resembles an open air Museum with many historic buildings. During the trip you can also visit the local brewery. And staying in a hotel will cost from UAH 110 to the other. For a room for two will have to pay from 220 UAH.


Zbarazh castle

The castle is located in the city of Zbarazh, Ternopil region.
It was built at the expense of the aristocracy of the Commonwealth of Christopher Zbaraz in the XVII century. In the process of building a United architecture of the Palace and fortress. So the castle is unique. To the Central entry tower leads through the moat bridge.
Zbarazh castle was repeatedly attacked and burned, and it housed a sugar factory. After the arrival of Soviet power military casemates, which have not been used, blew up. And after the Second world war — he was on the verge of complete destruction. All that remained after the fighting, the inhabitants dismantled at the restoration of their homes. Only in 1994 the government took him into protective custody.
The best preserved Palace, the main Palace. The Soviet government has placed a house of pioneers.

www.flickr.com/Andrew Grzegorek

Now in the halls of the restored castle houses a Museum. There are more than 11 thousand exhibits. Among them, a collection of coins, medals, antique furniture, sculptures and parchments. Hall of the castle adorns the art gallery. It includes photographs and paintings of persons having a direct relationship to the stronghold. On the second floor of the icons, parchments and sacred things of different confessions of XVII-XIX centuries. The castle presents a collection of medieval weapons. This is just a small list of values stored here. The items were collected from six countries.

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Zbarazh castle is open generally from 09:00 to 20:00 and in winter until 18:00. The cost of the entrance ticket — 20 UAH. Tour up to 10 persons — 50 UAH.
Around the castle a large Park and partly preserved bastions. Here you can spend a weekend or plan a tourist route in the region. The city has several hotels. The double room — from 300 UAH.
The city is located at a distance of 24 km from Ternopil. Buses run from Ternopil to Zbarazh hourly.

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Pidhirtsi castle

The castle is located in the village Pidhirtsi, Lviv region. It was founded in the XVII century for the crown Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski.
Pidhirtsi castle is a popular tourist route «Golden horseshoe of Lviv region». Named for the geographic location of the monuments included in it.
The building is located on a hill, so it offers a view for miles. The castle is surrounded by several tiers of terraces with massive railings. They were used not only for walking but also for defense.

The lock is symmetrical and the roof is crowned with the spire with two mysterious figures. They are statues of people who are holding the Golden ball and the ball, symbolizing the movement of molecules. Say that set them on the orders of one of the owners of the estate — Severin Rzewuski, who was an alchemist.
From the North and South around the building survived two of the Park: Italian and French. The first is the clearing with a few trees in the cascades. Through French Park to St. Joseph’s Church stretches 300-meter walkway. The Church serves as a burial vault, has a symmetrical round shape, the entrance is decorated with columns and portico, on which the inscription in Latin and sculptures of saints.
2008 the castle was in the list of 100 monuments of the world in need of immediate restoration. Now it is closed for tours. However, the architecture of the fortress and the Church unusual and unique for Ukraine. And even a walk in the estate will give an unforgettable experience.
The castle is located 89 km from the city. Local travel agencies offer to travel the route «Golden horseshoe of Lviv region». Include in it: Olesko, Pidhirtsi, Zolochiv and sometimes Svirsky locks. This route will cost from 250 UAH per person. The cost includes transportation and tour. Additionally you need to pay the entrance to the locks. In Pidhirtsi castle is 30 UAH for adults and 9 UAH for children.

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Zolochiv castle

The castle is located in the town of Zolochiv in Lviv region. Defensive ramparts and the Palace was laid by the father of king of Poland Jan III Sobieski — Jakub, in 1634. And then his work was continued by the son. It Jan III built the Chinese Palace, which now serves as a business card Zolochiv castle.
From the time of its construction it was used as a fortress, Royal residence, the manor, a prison and a school.
The entrance to the fortress covers koutoubashi fortification, for a garrison and protect the gates from artillery fire. It is called the Ravelin. Now there are cafes and shops with Souvenirs.
From the Ravelin to the gate a wooden bridge leads. Here, too, the earth bastions hidden castle square. In his flowerbeds and alleys located several sculptures, and in the center, a fountain.

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To the castle in 2000-ies brought two stones. They were found near the village of Novoselki. One depicted two intertwined wreaths with flowers and thorns. And the other Gothic text, which is still not deciphered.
Opposite the entrance arch to the Chinese Palace. It was built for the wife of Jan III Sobieski. Moldings over doors and Windows original. And the second floor has a circular balcony which is definitely worth a climb to see the Park from a height and make a wonderful photo. The Palace houses the Museum of Oriental cultures. In the Central room is equipped with tea room, and other rooms are works of art from the countries of Asia. Such museums in the Ukrainian lands unit.

The Grand Palace is not so remarkable at first glance, like a Chinese. However, it is also perfectly preserved since ancient times. It was the first in Ukraine the sewage system. During the restoration, rebuilt 6 toilets XVIII century, the underground passage and rooms. Now it houses the Museum of the history of the castle. His exposition of more than 550 copies: paintings, furniture, weapons, porcelain, sculptures and archaeological finds.
The castle is located 68 km from the city. He is part of the tourist route «Golden horseshoe of Lviv region». Tour can be booked in Lviv and visit three or sometimes even four castles in Lviv region. Entrance to the castle — 45 UAH for adults and 9 UAH for children.
Visitors can stay in hotels in Zolochiv. The room price for two — UAH 350.

www.flickr.com/Witold Jermołowicz

Olesko castle

The castle is located on the outskirts of the town of Olesko in Lviv region. First uchitelya structures appeared in the XIII century. Then it was a wall that follows the shape of the mountains. This fortress was built for defense against the Tartars, when the power of Kievan Rus was left in the past.
During its existence the castle was lived by the Lithuanian Prince Lubart, Polish kings Casimir III, Louis I, Jan Sobieski and many distinguished persons. Through the convenient location of the fortifications have withstood many invaders, and crowned persons do not spare funds for the development of the fortress.


The castle houses the Museum of local history. The interior is partially lost due to fires. But the rooms remained of the walls, door and window portals. The castle has long been restored, so now you can see all the rooms. There are more than 1,500 exhibits. It is furniture, sculptures, iconography, portraits and paintings of battles. Collection of wooden sculptures of the castle one of the largest in Europe.
Among others, he positively has a well-preserved courtyard. Above the doors and Windows of the preserved authentic mouldings.
Among the many legends and stories of the building known of Jan Salescom — the Polish king, who was born here. It says that on the night when the official appeared, was very strong storm. After birth, the midwife laid him on the marble table, which cracked in the same moment. It was decided that a newborn has a great future.
The castle is located 75 km from the city. He is part of the tourist route «Golden horseshoe of Lviv region». Tour can be booked in Lviv and visit three or sometimes even four castles in Lviv region. Entrance to the castle — 45 UAH for adults and 9 UAH for children.


Svirzhsky castle

The castle is located in the village of Svirzh, Lviv region.
The building rises on a steep hill, which in ancient times was surrounded by many swamps, lakes and floodplains of the river Svirzh. So the castle was well protected by not only the bastions but also natural barriers.
The most convenient access to the building from the South. The castle is surrounded by a moat, through which the gate is a bridge.
First the bastions was laid in the XV century. But the current appearance was given in the XVII century. Then it was rebuilt almost from the Foundation. Embrasures were restesanu under Windows and are decorated with stone trim and entrance gates are decorated with carvings.

Nowadays the castle halls closed to the public. Tourists can go to the two courtyards, which are separated by a new building in 1980. One of them has old well.
Near the castle stand the remains of the tower, the purpose of which is not fully defined.
The castle is open from 8:00 to 18:00. Entrance fee — 10 UAH.
Opposite the main entrance of the citadel preserved Church of the assumption of the XVI century. Now there is the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.
Svirzh is located 45 km from the city. Buses to the village walk from Lviv bus station №5, on the route Lviv-Peremyshlyany. However, to clarify, they go through Svirzh or not. Ticket price — from 30 UAH.

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Palanok Castle

The castle is situated in Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region. It is built on a mountain of volcanic origin with a height of 68 meters. The first stone buildings appeared in the XI century, but the fortress was built during three centuries. Therefore, the castle combines many styles and defence innovations from different periods.
Palanca in ancient times was called oak paling that enclosed a moat around the castle hill. Probably, from this comes the name of the castle.

Square of Mukachevo castle — almost 14 thousand square meters. It’s like two football fields. All of the rooms, halls and underground passages of the citadel is well preserved. They are not only Museum, but also a wine cellar, cafés and souvenir shops. The Mukachevo castle is a historical Museum.
The splendor of the castle around the time of Theodore II over. He built most of the fortifications of the fortress.
Palanok operates from 09:00 to 18:00. The entrance ticket cost — 40 UAH.

www.flickr.com/Vladimir Varfolomeev

Except a castle in Mukachevo there are a number of old buildings. Among them is the town hall built in 1904 in neo-Gothic style. It has interesting facades with coats of arms and decorated with a clock, Charles bridge and its tower offers a magnificent panorama.

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Near the town hall, there are several interesting buildings: the Palace of princes Rakoczy, the Cathedral and the exhibition of wooden Church architecture. In General, each of the old city streets interesting. The city flows the river Latoritsa. On its Bank, near the center of the square. Here day you can hide from the heat and ride the rides. In the evening near the Park café.
In Chynadiyovo is another castle of Saint Peter. The village is located at a distance less than 10 km from Mukachevo. And at a distance of 16 km is the fabulous Palace of the counts of Schonborn with a huge Park around. The Palace is considered one of the best in Ukraine.
In Mukachevo has about 30 hotels. The cost of accommodation per night per person — 150 UAH.


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