10 interesting cliffs and canyons of Ukraine, about which you did not know

10 interesting cliffs and canyons of Ukraine, about which you did not know

Scenic cliffs, mountains and caves and how to reach them.

Usually the thought of rocks there is an Association with the Carpathians. However, Ukraine is scattered many geological monuments of various origins, which few people know. It is scenic spots, which often combine natural and man-made wonders. It will be interesting not only to climbers, but also for those who want to relax in the wild and to observe unusual panoramas of his native land.
TSN. Tourism has prepared a list of 10 rocks located in different parts of Ukraine.
Stone Grave

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National historical-archaeological reserve Stone Grave is located in the Zaporozhye region Near the boulders and rocks Milk river flows.
Square Stone Tomb, about 1.6 hectares, and the height is 12 meters. Number plates – about 3 thousand.
Blocks, which we now see is the hardened bottom of the ancient Sarmatian sea. Numerous caves are rock carvings or petroglyphs. The oldest date back to the XXIV century BC and the younger X-XII century. This is the only monument in the world with the artistic remnants of so many different times. Some labels like Sumerian. Are the same found in Mesopotamia and on the banks of the Euphrates river. There are other theories of the origin of the petroglyphs.
In addition to drawings in the caves were found bas-reliefs and stone sculptures.
Scientists believe that a Stone Tomb could be a sanctuary of ancient tribes, and storing important information of different times.
Around rock hill is home to many sculptures of various shapes.
Near the Stone Tomb there is a Museum, which holds archaeological finds of the area. There the ancient ceramics, tools, remnants of plates with various inscriptions and images.
The complex of stone blocks is interesting because it keeps a lot of secrets. There are many hypotheses regarding its origin and use. Here you can walk around and make for atmospheric photo on the background is not usual for Ukraine sights under the open sky.
The reserve is open from 9:00 to 18:00. Entrance fee to the reserve – 20 UAH, Museum – 15 UAH. You can take a tour of the Museum, the hills and the total cost from 100 UAH per group.
Route. You need to go to Melitopol and then to the village of Peace. Tickets for train Kiev – Melitopol – from 95 UAH. The ticket price for the bus Kiev – Melitopol – from 450 UAH. From Melitopol to the Peace bus service. From the village to the reserve is about a 20 minute walk.

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Rock MOPR belong to geological monuments of national importance. Located in the Central regions of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region. So getting here will be easy.
The rocks are located in the valley of the Ingulets river and cover an area of about 62 hectares. periodically They are replaced by picturesque slopes. It offers a magnificent view of the river. The height of the highest cliffs is 28 meters.
Vertical plane rocks attract climbers. One of the most famous places is the Rock eagle Nest with small caves. During the competition «7 natural miracles of Ukraine» the district has received the award «One of the best natural sites of the country.» From here you can make wonderful photos.
It is believed that local grottos and caves was the result of ore extraction in ancient times, convict and Scythians.
In the place where the river Ingulets flows Saksagan is a Boat station. There are also two scenic parks: the Park named after Fyodor Merzavtsev and Komsomol. Who went here with family or a loved one, can walk around and make photos. It’s not the only parks of the city, a total of more than five.
Around the city there is a career: working or flooded. Some of them of great proportions. This is another interesting point for industrial tourism.
You can settle in hotels. In addition, many homes are on the banks of the river, so visitors can negotiate with local residents about the rental of the room. Most of the valley of the river Ingulets not populated, it is surrounded by forests and meadows, this is a great place to break up the tent city.
Route. You can come by railway from Kiev, the ticket price – from UAH 142. The ticket price for the bus Kiev-Krivoy Rog – from 360 UAH.
Buzhsky Garde

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National natural Park «Buzhsky garde» is located in Nikolaev region on the banks of rivers southern bug, a Big Ship and others.
Migeyskie thresholds – the number of rapids within the Park are located on the river southern bug. One of the few places in Ukraine suitable for rafting and other water sports. Every summer it attracts hundreds of tourists to relax and down the river. The name comes from the nearest village Migiya. Also worth a visit are the large and small mill Skarzhinsky. In the village there are several hotels and cafes.
Here climbing is possible. On the low rocks will be especially convenient to train newcomers. Visitors will be able to hire an instructor and rent equipment.
Fans of passive recreation can rent a canopy or gazebo to admire the canyon, the rapids and the natural environment. In special places you can build a fire and prepare a meal under the open sky.
In Bugsky Gard can be accessed through 12 checkpointslisted on the website of the reserve.
The Park is a great place for a family holiday. You can walk special tourist routes: on your own or hire a guide.
Most developed point – the city of Pervomaisk. There is a bus station, the city railway, a number of hotels and cafes, a pharmacy and a hospital.
In the village of Grushevka is recreation. Double room price starts from 360 UAH per day. There are all conditions for comfortable stay with family or friends, rafting. To the village goes local transport from Pervomaisk.
Within the landscape Park Granite-steppe lands of Buh is a place for camping village. There are plenty of places for beautiful photo on the background of rocks, canyon and the untouched nature. In the Park’s diverse fauna and flora.
Before you travel, contact and confirm details of your stay.
The cost of the tent is 10 UAH/day from 1 person. Parking space for cars – 10 UAH/day. The cost of excursions for groups up to 10 persons – 100 UAH. Rent a shelter or gazebo – 50 UAH/day.
Route. In Pervomaisk buses and trains from most of the regional centers. To get the railway from Kiev to Pervomaysk will cost from UAH 147. A ticket for the bus Kiev-Pervomaisk – from 260 UAH.
Rock Denyshi-Tryhir’ya

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Cliffs and the canyon are on the banks of the Teteriv river near the eponymous villages in the Zhytomyr region.
The cliffs have a height of 25 meters. Here every year climbers come to test their strength. And training, both experienced climbers and beginners. It is worth noting that the rocks have guests not only from Ukraine, periodically the competition is held here.
In the village of Denishi is running a sanatorium. Here treat and prevention of various glands, liver, kidneys, female organs and more. Students can get 12-day course of rehabilitation on the picturesque banks of the river at reasonable prices. There are also offers on weekends.
In the sanatorium you can rent a room for a day, the double – from 160 to 240 UAH.
Anyone can live in tents at the rocks to make a fire and fish in the post. The river provides many kinds of fish. Local residents actively engaged in fishing.
Monument of the area are the ruins of the castle tereshenkov. He left a few walls, a tower and a Foundation, but you can even now appreciate its former grandeur. It is located across the river from the village of Denyshi. You can get across the bridge. From the cliffs is about a half-hour walk.
Route. Denishi village is not far from Zhitomir. From the railway station and bus station go here the local bus. From Kiev to Zhitomir convenient to reach by bus, the ticket price from 60 UAH.

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Tract Stone Village


Stone village – a cluster of huge boulders of various shapes that are located in the forest near the village of ore-zamyslovytska. This area granted the status of geological reserve with the area of 15 hectares.
The village of ore-zamyslovytska – is extremely picturesque, there is river Pollen. There are wooden bridge. Some houses are abandoned and preserved in the ancient view, so a trip here is like stepping back in time.
The name boulders was due to the resemblance to the village, lost in the woods. Some remind you of home, Church and school. There is also a school Playground. There are blocks, arranged in a sequence. It is assumed that in ancient times they moved, but how remains a mystery.
Legend has it that there once was a battle of God against the dark forces. After the victory he was one of the stones and left a trail, which is now. This boulder enclosed stairs so that everyone could see him. It is believed that the trail has healing properties.
There are a number of legends are composed about the amazing location.
From a scientific point of view, the boulders are the remnants of ancient mountains that have crumbled over time. Less likely theory is that the stones were brought by the glacier.
Food and drink for the journey worth taking with him, as the infrastructure is not developed. In the reserve could not work mobile communications.
Route. The village of ore-zamyslovytska is in Olevsk district, Zhytomyr region. From Kiev can be reached by train in Olevsk, the ticket price is 230 UAH. The ticket price for the bus Kiev-Olevsk from 210 UAH.
Buky canyon

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Buky canyon is located in the neighborhood of the village of Buki Minkovskogo district. Located at 800 meters below the dam broken Bocskai HPP. It has a length of 2.5 km and a height of about 30 meters. The canyon flows the river Mountain Tikich.
Bucci canyon is the vacation spot of local residents and numerous tourists. Come here lovers of water sports for kayaking, kayaking and rafting. Also the cliffs attract climbers.
Those wishing to pitch a tent and live under the open sky. In the Mountain Tikich swimming and fishing. Places to picnic and to walk along the cliffs and take pictures with magnificent panorama in here enough. Below Bocskai HPP has a cascading waterfall and the remains of the old mill.
Some granite boulders are considered to be treated by a man. They resemble the Stonehenge in Britain, however, it has not been investigated.
Route. From Kiev need to go in Mankivka. The cost of a bus ticket – from 120 UAH From the district to the Beech walks in local transport.
Haidamak Yar


The area is located on the outskirts of the village Busha, Yampil district. There are historical and cultural reserve «Busha». Archaeological finds around the village indicate that there were settlements since the time of Tripoli culture.
Haidamak Yar is the tract with numerous cliffs, caves, boulders and rich history. The most picturesque cliffs in a wooded area, is «Mushroom», «Mammoth», «RAM», «Twins» and «Haidamak» with cave. There is also a stone of Ivan Gonta.
The tract is famous for its secret undergroundhideout Cossacks during the war with the poles. In the rocks there are carved places for lookouts.
In the reserve «Busha» was found unique rock temple of V-XVI centuries About the origins of its creation is unknown. Most interesting here is the bas-relief, which has no analogues. It depicts the tree with the cock, next to the praying man and the deer. Over man you can see the square, which resembles the frame or TV. On the opposite wall, opposite the square, there is a depression in the rock.
On the territory of the reserve there are the museums: archeology, Ethnography, Podolsky ceramics and the Museum of the defense Busy. They are based on the research and findings here.
Nearby is the town hall of the XVI century, it is derived from the castle of the Commonwealth.
Next on the hill is a massive stone crosses of an old Cossack cemetery.
In Haidamak Yar you can see a lot of sculptures. Some of them are ancient. Others have appeared recently, in connection with the holding of the annual festival of stone sculpture.
Route. By bus you need to go to the town of Yampil. A ticket for the bus Kiev-city – from 260 UAH. It is a local transport. By train you need to go in the village Vapniarka. Train ticket from Kiev is from 145 UAH. From Vapnyarka bus service in the city of Yampil, cost about 60 UAH.


In the framework of the National natural Park «Podilski Tovtry» is the area called Bakota. Translated from old Slavic means a desirable, beautiful place.
Before the flooding of the lowlands of the mountains, the Dniester reservoir, in 1981, there was a town of Bakota. The area is very rich in archaeological finds. During underwater research has found several burial mounds and other monuments of different times.
Cliffs stretch along the river 120 meters and form Bakota canyon. The highest point on White mountain has a height of 130 meters. Near Skala Coopthat stands out and resembles the head. With it, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages link the various legends.
Religious landmark of the area Bakota cave monastery. Carved into the caves at a height of 70 m above the reservoir. The first mention of the Shrine in the annals have to 1362. He is one of the oldest in Ukraine and has long been an important centre of religious life in the middle ages. In addition to the caves and cells, here there are 19 rock tombs.

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For those wishing to live in a tent and cook food on the fire there is a glade with a personal beach. Alternatively, you can rent a trailer. Rent boats, catamarans and scooters. There is an equipped Parking for cars. It is worth noting that the prices are quite affordable.
On the banks of the Bakota Bay has a recreation center, where you can rent a room, fisherman’s cottage or a house on the water. One database offers a bathhouse on firewood, water rides for kids, tubing, and playgrounds and an outdoor pool. The prices here are different wallet. Recreation start work on 1 may and 1 June. Before travelling contact the property in advance.
The territory of the Bakota Bay is huge. If you want to get to the bases of rest, then you need to go from Kamenetz-Podolsk to Kolodiivka by bus at 12:30. To the rock monastery by bus in the direction of Stara Ushytsya. It is worth noting that the monastery needs to walk about 5 km.
Route. In Kamianets-Podilskyi train ticket from Kyiv costs UAH 105. A ticket for the bus Kiev — Kamenetz-Podolsk from 230 UAH.
The Cave Atlantida


The Atlantida cave is located in the valley of the river Zbruch, near the village of Zavallya. Included in the complex «Podol goods». This is the only on the tail cave with a three-story structure.
The size of the passages in the cave range from 1 to 5 meters. At the intersection of the floors of the caves are halls reaching a height of 12 m.
In the cave live bats and «grow» helictites, or stone flowers. On the ceiling you can see the crystals. Also, there are mineral formations: stalactites and stalagmites. She has a rather bizarre appearance.
In the cave, giving tours, which should be arranged in advance. Besides, you need to have a change of clothes, shoes and a flashlight. The cave is not prepared for tourism and is not covered. However, the place is unique and worthwhile.
Surrounded by large cliffs and the magnificent panorama. The area is located on the outskirts of the village, next to the river so guests can camp out.
Zavallia village is located in Kamenetz-Podolsk district of Khmelnitsky region. It can be reached from the district centre.
Dovbush Rocks


Dovbush rocks – a group of rocky remnants of a height of 80 meters. Located in the tract Bubnysche 3 km from the eponymous village.
The rock named in honour of the leader of the uprising opryshkivska Oleksa Dovbush. They are a unique monument of history and nature in the Ukraine.
The active use and creation of caves, log cabins and stairs falls on the X-XII century. Probably, there was a pagan sanctuary. Carved rooms and passages have a fairly regular geometric shape.
The caves feature a hollowed well, which served as a reservoir for rain water. A large part of the ancient buildings survived, so it is possible to imagine the life which flowed here in ancient times.
Wooded area and winds its way between the rocks of Dovbush trail, which will be interesting to go with a guided tour. One of the interesting aspects of the tour is the passage through devil’s gorge, which is not given to all just. Here you can do a lot of panoramic photos. About the tours must be arranged in advance.
Route. Located in the village Bubnyshche in Ivano-Frankivsk region. From here you can take a guided tour. Also offer tours with Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. Most comfortable in one of the cities to visit the railway. Train ticket Kiev – Lvov costs from 125 UAH. Train ticket Kiev – Ivano-Frankivsk is from 130 UAH.

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