10 literary travel with famous writers

10 literary travel with famous writers

Places that inspired writers to create novels about which you can read books.

CNN talked about 23 places that are forever linked with the outstanding writers. We offer to your attention the 10 most interesting of them.
Writers sometimes go far from home in search of a Muse, or inner self.
Some, however, are so closely associated with the place that difficult to understand – the city has left its mark in the author, or Vice versa.
In some places, love stories from books come to life in museums and monuments. Others allow you to walk in the footsteps of great writers and see where they came Muse.
James Joyce, Dublin (Ireland)


James Joyce lived in Paris almost as many as in Dublin, but a native of the Irish city is the key to his work.
A whole industry currently thrives on impressions of the places that inspired him. In addition, visitors can observe scenes from his novels and go to theme pubs to discuss the works of Joyce.
The most interesting proposal: to pass from Eckles street 7, in the footsteps of the journey of Leopold bloom from the novel Ulysses to get pork kidney, as in the book.
The James Joyce centre organizes seminars, lectures and exhibitions designed to meet all levels of interest. Available from the usual excursions to in-depth discussion of the novel «Finnegans Wake».
Jane Austen, Hampshire (England)


The legacy of Jane Austen, with love, stored in those counties where she lived.
Her house in the village of Chawton in the County of Hampshire is a Museum. 1817 she died here in 41-m to year of life. The Museum holds many exhibits: musical notes, letters, things that she enjoyed in life, as well as a Desk.
In the nearby town of bath is the Jane Austen Centre. Here are exhibits related to her work and life, and also offers walking tours of the places that she loved.
Despite the fact that she had lived in bath, the first 25-five years Jane spent in the town of Steventon. Here were written the novels «Pride and prejudice» and «sense and sensibility.» The rectory, which belonged to her parents, was destroyed by her brother Edward 200 years ago. However, the 800 year old Church. Nicholas, and is currently.
It was here that her family attended services, and Jane enthusiastically dreamed of a Grand wedding.
Anne rice, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)

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The city is overpopulated by ghosts of the past – and not very friendly. The novels of Anne rice have turned New Orleans into a hotbed of vampires and witches.
Her books made a splash in the 1980-ies, clearing the way for «the Chronicles of Sookie Stackhouse», «Twilight» and other modern paintings about vampires.
In her novels described the plundering of the tombs in Lafayette cemetery No. 1, New Orleans. Here, the books are burial places Materska witches and vampire Listat.
Her own house in the garden district District on First street became the prototype of the house Materska witches. When the rice was living there, she famously greeted the fans — although those days are long gone and now she lives in California.
However, a lot of attractions fill the pages of her books: the House-Museum of Haller’s house Listat and Lois at the hotel «Ponchartrain» and a bistro Cheesecake Copeland.
Many excursions in New Orleans dedicated to the works of Anne rice.
Victor Hugo, Paris (France)


Paris, the days of Victor Hugo, was substantially rebuilt by Baron Haussmann. In the mid-1800-ies, many narrow medieval streets were demolished, but instead built wide boulevards of the modern city.
Traces of the old city, which Hugo described are not limited to the lair of the hunchback – of Notre Dame. His house turned into a House-Museum of Victor Hugo (mansion Rohan, place des Vosges 6), which explores the life and work of the writer.
In the Marais district is the Church of Saints Paul and Louis, where Cosette and Marius got married in «Les Miserables.»
Jean valjean and Cosette for a walk in the Luxembourg garden.
Interesting fact, French theatre now puts on plays by Victor Hugo, who during his lifetime was considered scandalous productions of romanticism. Then this provoked the protests.
Ernest Hemingway, Havana (Cuba)

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Despite decades of embargo, Cuba has always been a pleasant memory for Ernest Hemingway, who found inspiration on the island and the waters around it.
He loved his Cuban house so much that, as a result, relations with U.S. officials have become cool, and then completely deteriorated.
Under the influence of memories of his estate Finca Vigia, near Havana, Hemingway wrote «the old Man and the sea» and «For whom the bell tolls».
There he invited the neighborhood children to play baseball with his sons.
The Museum in the estate Finca Vigia created to remind about the days when Hemingway lived in Cuba.
In Havana a lot of places that just «scream» that he lived here. Bronze statue of Hemingway sitting at his usual place at the bar of the Floridita. It is believed that this place invented the cocktail Daiquiri, which is so loved by the writer. The drink prepared for him a special recipe.
Pablo Neruda, Santiago (Chile)


Pablo Neruda had three houses around Santiago. They are under the control of the Fund in his name. Structures have very eccentric architecture designed by him.
In the city, is the estate of La Chascona, which means «curly haired», was named in honor of his wife Matilda.
In the nearby town of Valparaiso, estate La Sebastiana, which offers stunning views of the Pacific ocean. Also here is part of the collection of artworks of Pablo Neruda.
The estate of Isla Negra is situated not far from Santiago. He’s the biggest in size and has the shape of a ship. Here he buried his wife. The house contains the largest collection of his personal belongings.
These houses are more than museums: there are seminars that inspire new poets.
Stephen king, Bangor (Maine, USA)


The book «pet Sematary», «the Lot» and «Carrie» Maine is very scary.
Many of the stories by Stephen king take place in his hometown of Bangor, where the house of the writer.
Victorian mansion as if descended from the pages of his novels and vaguely reminiscent of the house «the Addams Family», but with beautifully painted red walls and wrought-iron fence around it. It’s really the house where the writer lives, so it’s even possible to see here. However, after multiple trips, king here appears not often.
It is best to walk around Bangoro, which is the prototype city of Derry with his books. A 10-meter high statue of Paul Bunyan comes to life in «pet Sematary», a gutter is used the clown killer, and the local cafes suitable for time travel and all this at Bangor.
Yaa Gyasi, Cape Coast (Ghana)

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In his debut novel «the homecoming», Yaa Gyasi, describes two stepsisters. Each of which went its own tragic way: one was sold into slavery, and the other married to a British slaver.
The novel describes how the different Ghanaian families because of the slave trade.
A symbol of the division is the castle of Cape coast Ghana. Here, according to the novel, one sister languishes in the dungeon and waiting for shipment to the United States a slave, and the other lives with the British, who presides in the fortress.
Cape coast is the largest of the castles built by the Europeans to secure the slave trade in the area, which was called «Gold Coast».
Today it is a Museum-monument to the horrific events that took place here.
Lu Xun, Shanghai (China)


Among the Chinese writers of the 20th century, Lu Xun occupies a special place.
He was a supporter of communism, however, did not join the Communist party. His scorching criticism of the tyranny of today as early forms of political thought.
Since the party respects him, that in Shanghai there are many monuments dedicated to the writer. It is primarily a Memorial Hall of Lu Xun and Lu Xun Park, where his grave is.
His work at the Museum carefully selected to avoid any possible criticism of the current government.
The Park, named after Lu Xun is the writer established the League of Left-wing Writers. Now the building of the League is on Duolun road and is a popular tourist destination.
John R. R. Tolkien, Birmingham (England)


After the filming of «the Lord of the rings» in New Zealand, this country has become associated with the same novel.
However, the real inspiration for the books, Tolkien probably drew on his life in England. He was born in South Africa but the family moved to the vicinity of Birmingham when he was four years old.
He spent his childhood on a farm Sargol where pastures, rivers and forests could serve as the inspiration for the Shire and Hobbiton.
Close to tower Perrots Folly, which could serve as the model for «the Two towers».
When Tolkien was a boy, the clank of the engine and pairs it with a water station Edgbaston looked like Mordor to Barad-Dur and the Dark tower.
The authorities of Birmingham cares about the places where there was Tolkien, to the guests of the city can attend them.


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