10 provincial palaces and mansions of Ukraine, which you have to see

10 provincial palaces and mansions of Ukraine, which you have to see

10 unknown castles of Ukraine, which are worth a visit in the summer.

Many of the palaces of Ukraine is in terrible condition. Some were just walls, Foundation, or ruined building with the broken roof. These goes on for years. However, even in the small villages of the estate parks, which still retain a decent look. Most certainly in need of restoration and attention, but given the destruction of the pleasing to the eye.
TSN. Tourism has prepared a list of 10 palaces that you can visit and some even stay.

Sharovskiy Palace

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Sharovskiy Palace is located on the outskirts of the village sharivka, Kharkiv region. Another name of the building — Sugar castle, due to the fact that the last owner of the estate was a sugar magnate Leopold Koenig.
The construction of the Palace and the surrounding Park began in 1836.
The style of the building is neo-Gothic. Many of the rooms have retained their original interior and almost not in need of restoration. Partially preserved wall paintings, tiled stoves, oak paneling, carving and a wooden staircase.


The front facade of the Palace is decorated with two towers with battlements and spires. Right wing of the building, this is a household of the room. Preserved here the oven on which to cook food for the owners. The left wing is a two-storey glass gallery, which was built in Soviet times. It repeats the style of the Palace and gives it a certain symmetry.
Sharovsky Park, is a Monument of landscape art of national importance. Its area more than 40 ha. In the lowlands of the Park are two lakes, and on the slopes grown trees. Here are planted the Avenue of the Dutch limes. They are not habitual that grow like poplar. Around the Park lies a forest of ancient oaks the age of 150-300 years.
From the Palace alleys are paved, and the Park is decorated with three terraces and retaining walls. They, unfortunately, are abandoned, however, added the manor of sophistication. Through one of the ponds laid stone bridge leading to the main entrance.
In 2001, the front facade of the building was restored. However, other facades, terraces and bridges remain in poor condition. An important step was the establishment in 2012 of drainpipes. Their absence led to the destruction of the walls of the Palace.
Here you can walk the picturesque countryside, to make atmospheric photos and examine the beautiful architecture of the estate. In addition to the Palace in the estate there are several buildings that have survived.
Route. From Kiev need to go to Kharkov. The cost of the train ticket from 108 UAH. Bus ticket — 250 UAH. From Kharkov buses go to the village Krasnokutsk, we should step in front of the sign Sharovka. Turn to the Palace to go, about 5 minutes.

The Palace Galaganov


The Palace Galaganov is near Sokyryntsi village, Chernihiv region. The building and surrounding Park are Sokyrnytsky architectural and Park complex with an area of 425 hectares.
The estate was built in 1823 — 1829.
The Palace is designed in the Empire style. The building in the center is crowned by a massive decorative dome. The second floor is decorated with columns that frame the balcony. From the Palace are two transitions to lateral wings, which gives it Majesty. To the entrance, from the main entrance Avenue leads length 400 m.
The manor remained premises, premises for cattle, stables and gates.
The surrounding Park is a monument of landscape art of national importance. The Park is home to about 40 species of trees that are planted alleys. You can see coniferous decorative plants along the entrance Avenue. The estate runs the river Duck.
The Palace houses the local vocational school and the Museum of A. Kobzar Veresay. So you can see not only the luxurious facades, and the interior of the building. The Park has a picturesque gazeboor rotunda. Among the thickets of lost Gothic bridge that is in terrible condition.
The estate is artists festival «Veresaev holiday». The event takes place in late summer, but not every year.
Due to the good condition of the Palace and surrounding estate you’re worth the trip to see the magnificent Central entrance is decorated with Greek statues. As well as office buildings, are in slightly worse condition.
Nearby is the Ichnia national nature Parkand manor Taranovsky in Kachanivka. They are also worth a visit when sightseeing in the Estate of the galagans.
Route. From Kiev need to go to the city of Nezhin. The cost of the train ticket — from 170 UAH. Bus ticket from Darnytsa station (walking three times a day) — from 106 UAH. From Nezhin should go in the direction of Silver town. You need to go to the bend in the village of Sokyryntsi, hence the property 5 km.
From Chernigov you can also go to town Silver.

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Lopukhins Palace

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The manor Lopukhins-Demidovs, located in city Korsun-Shevchenko, Cherkasy region. The ensemble is set on three granite Islands on the river ROS. The building of the Palace is on the island of Kotsiubynsky.
In its original form, the estate was founded in 1782.
The style of the building is neo-Gothic. The Palace has a symmetrical structure. The sides of the tower corbels defining features of the building. On the second floor there is a large scenic balcony.
With the city in the Palace ensemble, the bridge leads. It offers a magnificent view on the ROS river and canyon. All the Islands are connected by bridges.

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The entrance to the estate, is a stylized gatethat resembles a medieval fortification. The entire building is well preserved and has wonderful views. Here you can make a lot of pictures on the background of the Palace gates and rocky shores. The surrounding Park also contains many references to the past.
In the Soviet period the estate was created by the Museum of Korsun-Shevchenko battle. At the Palace there is the exhibition of equipment during the Second World war. And the building presents weapons, clothes, banners, and historical information about the battle. So in space you can go to see the interior and the exhibits.
There is also an Art gallery and local history Museum. In the surrounding Park, in addition to local tree species were planted exotic.
Route. The ticket price for train from Kiev — from 110 UAH. Bus ticket from 108 UAH.

Voronovitsky Palace


Voronovitsky Palace is located in Voronovytsia, Vinnytsia region. The estate also includes a Park, utility room, cellar and water tower that are well preserved.
The estate was built on the basis of the old Palace in 1770 — 1777 years for the politician of the Commonwealth F. K. Grokholsky. Hence another name for the Palace Grokholsky.
The Palace was built in the style of early classicism. It has a centric concave shape.
The surrounding Park has many old trees, but it is hardly retained its original appearance.
The building now houses Voronovitsky Museum of the history of aviation and cosmonautics of Ukraine. The main exhibition is the work of A. Mozhaisky, who created one of the first aircraft in the world. The Museum will be of interest to aviation enthusiasts. Work schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:00 — 17:00.
Many elements of internal furniture of the Palace remains in perfect condition. Fully preserved interiors round and oval halls. Visiting the Museum you can appreciate the greatness of the former estate.
The facades of the Palace and surrounding buildings restaurerede. Building with splendid stucco now returns its old features. Some elements of the exterior decoration was cast again. And the Windows and doors replaced. Therefore, it is possible that soon the Palace will look in accordance with all European standards.
Here you can make a wonderful retro photos, both outside and inside the Palace.
Route. Voronovytsia city is 20 km from the regional center, so the easiest option is to get out of here. Train ticket Kiev-Vinnitsa is — from 115 UAH. Bus ticket from 140 UAH. From Vinnitsa to city buses go.

The Palace of Princess Scherbatova


Palace Scherbatova is located in the city of Nemyriv in Vinnytsia region. Its other name Nemirovsky Palace. In Soviet times a sanatorium.
The estate in its current form was built in 1894 — 1917. According to legend, the Princess Maria shcherbatova were in England and there noticed a similar lock. When she came into their possession were ordered to dismantle the old building and build a new Palace.
Style name — neo-classicism. The Palace has been preserved in excellent condition. The entrance is guarded by two stone lions, and the arch of the back column in the antique style.
The surrounding Park is a monument of landscape art of national importance. Its area is over 80 ha. In the Park river, and several ponds. Its size allows you to walk here as much as not passing in the same places.
Visitors can not only admire the facades and walk in a beautiful Park, but also to enter the Palace. The building still has elements of interior, old mouldings, fireplaces and more. One day to explore the impossible.


The sanatorium has several unique for Ukraine offices. Here the treatment of pulmonary diseases, diseases of the circulatory and nervous systems. There is also carried out for the prevention of pregnancy pathologies. For those wishing to relax are: courts, sports halls, Banquet hall, swimming pool, gallery, library and Museum. In the resort you can go fishing, or go on a tour.
The cost of living in motels — from 390 UAH. for a double room. The cost also includes 4 meals a day and treatment according to doctor’s diagnosis.
The estate is a wonderful place for recreation and the satisfaction of their aesthetic needs.
Route. Bus ticket Kiev — Lviv worth UAH 205. Iron need to go to Vinnitsa, ticket price from 230 UAH. Bus ticket Vinnitsa — Nemirov — from 30 UAH.

The Palace Mehring


The estate is located in the village of Old Priluki, Lipovetsky district, Vinnitsa region. It is believed that in appearance somewhat resembles the building of the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev.
The Palace was built in 1769.
Style name — neo-Baroque. Interestingly, the interior is the complete opposite facades of the building. Here intertwined Empire and Moorish style. It becomes immediately noticeable upon entering the building, the hallway is impregnated with Arabic motifs in the decor.
Now the Palace housed a boarding school. The house is not in the best condition and requires restoration. Legend has it that hidden in the Palace of many treasures, and still have not found a wine cellar. This theory is supported by the discovery that was recently made. In the wall of the building found a portrait of Mehring, a Persian rug and gold coins.
Behind the building is a small Park, which ends at the river gums. Despite the poor condition of the estate is very picturesque.
The estate acts Church of the intercession.
The estate got its name from the famous statesman and politician of the XIX century Sergey Mehring. He was the last owner of these lands before the arrival of Soviet power.
Route. From Kiev need to go to Vinnitsa. The cost of the train ticket from 230 UAH. The cost of a bus ticket from 150 UAH. From Vinnytsia bus station, No. 3 bus service to the village.

Palace Of Ghana


The Ghanaian estate located in the village of Verkhivnia, Ruzhinskaya district of Zhytomyr region. The estate from 1847 to 1850 he lived honoré de Balzac.
The Palace was built in 1800.
Style estate — Empire. Exterior of the Palace is well preserved. Above the main entrance depicts a horseman with a wreath in his hand. The rear facade of the building is in slightly worse condition.
The Palace now houses a local agricultural College. Besides three rooms on the second floor are reserved for Museum of Honore de Balzac. These rooms stored the personal belongings of the French writer and have luxurious decor. The building is well preserved vintage interior and luxurious moldings.


You can visit the estate and learn about the details of life and love by Balzac.
Along with the main building there are two outbuildings from which the Palace are underground passages. They were used by the servants of the estate. Nearby is the family burial vault, which now serves as a chapel.
The surrounding Park has an area of over 30 hectares. there are numerous avenues, the old bridge and the well of Balzac.
Route. From Kiev to Ruzhyn runs a Shuttle bus, price from 140 UAH. From the city center to the village of Verkhivnia Shuttle bus.

The Palace Of Chechel

www.flickr.com/ipernity.com/doc/d-f [hat Suckr verlassen]

Estate of Chechel is located in the village of Samchiki, Starokonstantinovsky district of Khmelnitsky region. The estate is one of the best in the state in Ukraine. There is a magnificent Museum.
The new Palace and the surrounding Park landscape in the romantic style were laid in the first half of the nineteenth century.
Style Palace is a late classicism, or the Empire. It is sometimes compared to the Palace of Versailles. The front facade is decorated with a portico with columns. The interior and rooms have been preserved in its original form. The frescoes painted by the famous artist Mikhail Vrubel. The building has maintained many of the household items his last owners. Striking luxury Blue, Red and Roman halls. There is also room is designed in Japanese style.

www.flickr.com/ipernity.com/doc/d-f [hat Suckr verlassen]

From the Palace to the Park are the old staircase.
The estate is called the Palace and Park ensemble «Windows». The Park occupies an area of 18 ha. In the 50-ies of the last century was significantly changed. The original idea was lost. However, we are working to restore the historic landscapes. There are more than two hundred species of trees, whose age is 200 years.
In addition to the main building are the offices and the Chinese house. It is the cellar which is well preserved.
Museum Estate of Chechel is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00. On Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. Monday — day off.
Route. From Kiev need to go to the town of Starokonstantinov. A bus ticket is from 230 UAH. Departs from the bus station near the train station. Cost of railway tickets on the train Kiev — Starokostiantyniv — from 160 UAH.

Vishnevetsky Palace

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Estate Vishnevets is located in the village Vyshnivets, Zbarazh district, Ternopil region. This former residence of the princes of the Commonwealth — Vyshnevetsky. Now here settling a Museum.
The estate was mortgaged in the 1730s.
The architecture of the Palace is executed in style of classicism. The Central part of the building protrudes forward and is decorated with a triangular shield with luxurious moldings. On the estate in ancient times was the castle, which is now destroyed.
Around the estate there is the fence of the eighteenth century. Gate and fence of brick pillars are partially preserved. Nearby is the Church of the resurrection Crusade.
The surrounding Park has an English style, however, he abandoned. Here are preserved ancient shop and the bridge.

www.flickr.com/Ingvar Shapik

The estate is part of the National reserve «Castles of Ternopil.» In 2014, the company completed a comprehensive reconstruction of the Palace. Some rooms are equipped with antique furniture and paintings. Preserved the unusual appearance of the ceiling and the stairs. From the Palace balcony offering magnificent views. This is another place where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the past and make for atmospheric photo.
In addition to the Palace remained the official and outbuildings. They add grandeur to the estate.
Vishnevetsky Palace is one of the best in the area. However, tourists here often enough, so when the tour no one will stop to take photos. The Museum is open from 08:00 to 17:00. Before you travel contact.
Route. First you should go to Ternopil. The cost of the ticket on the train Kiev — Ternopil — from 180 UAH. From Ternopil to Vishnevets walking bus, the cost is 30 UAH.

The Palace of the counts of schönborn


Estate Shenborn located in the village of Karpaty in Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region. The building is well preserved. In the Palace there is a health sanatorium.
The estate was founded in 1890 — 1895.
The Palace was built in the French Renaissance style. Another name of «Astronomical». This is due to the fact that the building has 365 Windows and another immured, 52 rooms and 12 entrances. As days, weeks and months of the year.
The surrounding Park is also part of the resort and has an area of 19 ha. He referred to the Monuments of landscape art of national importance. Among the trees here you can find a number of mineral springs, mineral water and animal sculptures. Also, the Park has a picturesque lake and the river Latoritsa.
In the sanatorium treat cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system. The cost of accommodation in a double room starts from 435 UAH. The cost also includes a 3-abrasive food and treatment by a physician. Check-in from 8:00 to 20:00.
The resort has a sauna, Jacuzzi, Solarium, concert hall, etc. Also you can fish and visit the tour.
Route. If you plan to go by rail then to the nearby railway station «Karpaty». From Kiev to the station «Karpaty», the ticket costs 130 UAH.

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