10 romantic places of Ukraine, which you have to see

10 romantic places of Ukraine, which you have to see

Places where you need to go with a loved one.

In Ukraine there are many places to visit with your beloved or loved ones. Each city has something unusual and interesting. However, to travel with the second half or recognition, you need a special atmosphere. But if this is the first journey together, it is necessary to plan everything in the best way.
TSN.Tourism has prepared a list of 10 cities for an unforgettable romantic break.
Fountain «Lovers Zebra»
The fountain is located in the Central part of Kyiv. You can get here from the metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Zoloti Vorota.
Lovers Zebra is one of a number of well-known sculptures of the Park – Landscape alley. Here you can stroll among the unusual and fantastic characters, make a wonderful photo with the second half and sit on the benches. Romantic atmosphere in the air, and near two lovers zebras, couples often make a selfie.
Considering that near the centre of the capital, you will not be bored. In just a few minutes walk there is situated St. Andrew’s descent, Sophia square and St. Michael’s Cathedral.


Park «Alexandria»
The arboretum is located in 80 km from Kiev, on the outskirts of the White Church.
The Park owes its creation to the Countess Alexandra Branitskaya and is a model of landscape art. From the time of its Foundation have survived, the bridges across the rivers and lakes, pavilions, statues and vases, which can be seen in numerous avenues.
Its area is 290 hectares, so walking places is enough. There remain a few rotundas, there are gazebos with columns, buildings, and in some places only ruins. Card Park colonnade «Echo», it is here that all make a memorable photo. Lovers have chosen the area because there is a place to walk around and make cool pictures.

www.flickr.com/Sergii Gulenok

Fountain «Pearl of love»
The fountain is located in Ostaszewska pond and the adjacent Park in the town of Uman.
It was opened on 25 June 2017. So you can go without worrying that your significant other has already seen the fountain. Besides, he was among the three largest fountains in the Ukraine, and therefore water, laser and light show will not leave the elect or chosen one indifferent.
The evening show is striking in its colors and paintings on the theme of love that come to life on the water, pleasantly surprise guests.
Fountain «Pearl of love» became already the second card of the city. Uman has always been famous dendrological Park «Sofiivka», which is come to walk from all corners of Ukraine. So during the day you can stroll tree-lined avenues of the ancient Park.


Swan Lake
Lakeside Park is located in Kamianets-Podilskyi on the edge of the canyon of the river Smotrych.
On the lake there is a gazebo for swans and fountains. Nearby there is a sculpture of two angels, who like you want to kiss.
With viewing platforms offering spectacular views of the old town. One of the bridges across Swan lake metal, it lovers hang locks to love was strong and everlasting. From the square you can go to two parks in the city – Youth and Central.
In addition to a cozy Park, the city has many historical monuments. Decoration of Kamianets-Podilskyi is the fortress, which is on all sides embraced a huge canyon.


The monument to lovers
Interesting monument, something similar to the arch formed by the two lovers that are drawn to each other for a kiss. It is located in the Park on Pushkin street in Kharkiv, near the metro station Architect Beketov.
This is not the only romantic place in Kharkiv. Gorky Park is perfect for walking, there is an infinity Mall, an amusement Park with an observation wheel and a place to stay. And the most interesting for lovers will be a cable car. The journey lasts about 18 minutes. During this time, you drive about 1.5 km at a height of from 8 to 26 meters.

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For a more complete tour of the city worth a visit fountains «Cascade» and «Mirror stream», as well as Karpovsky garden and Terraced garden.


Italian courtyard
Italian courtyard is one of the most romantic places in Odessa. It is nearby the famous Teschin bridge in Odessa and the colonnade. The bridge offers a magnificent panorama of the Black sea. It is known that here the lovers hang locks to relations have always been warm and sincere.
Near the colonnade and Teschin bridge, Vorontsov Palace is one of the business cards of Odessa. And on the other side of the bridge hid a cozy Italian courtyard. For lovers it is very good because it installed the heart that cling to the same locks. And among the trees there is a bridge of lovers, where you can make a wonderful photo.
A special place in that it contrasts with the rest of Odessa with its comfort.


Tunnel of love
The romantic tunnel, which laid the rail track is located near the town of Klevan.
The tunnel appeared due to the natural phenomenon. The trees and bushes intertwined and formed a natural arch, which has a fairly regular geometric shape. It has a very powerful energy, and two regular gauge seemed to symbolize the fate that go together. I think when the lovers arrive here, everything will be alright. And if someone will come and he will wish to find a soul mate, it will certainly come true.

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Klevan is also interesting for Hiking. It survived several old churches and ruins of a fortress of the XV century.
If possible, if you are going to Klevan, then visit koretz. There remained the ruins of the castle, about which you can make a few interesting photos and walk around. Besides in the city you can see old churches with interesting architecture.

www.flickr.com/Miloš Pjatko

Chernovetsky Botanical garden
Botanical garden of Chernivtsi is one of the oldest in Ukraine. The Park is planted with trees, shrubs and flowers, and also created some landscape composition.
Exposure of plants planted in accordance with the geographical affiliation. Many trees are aged more than 100 years. Two Tulip tree Park reach a height of 30 meters and 150 years old. The garden has several types of Tulip trees and tulips and other flowers rastsvetay at different times.
Chernivtsi city looks like a Museum under the open sky. Many of its ancient buildings well preserved. One of the most famous building of the Chernivtsi national University. Originally it served as the residence of Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia. This is a great location for walking, exploring the city’s history, and photography.

www.flickr.com/Сергей Choban

Narcissus valley
Near the town of Khust, in the picturesque Kireshi tract located an incredible beautiful valley of daffodils. Once a year the green lawn nature falls asleep snow-white flowers and turns it into a miracle.
The interesting thing here is that Narcissus, who settled down in the valley, actually a mountain. It’s called Narcissus poetic and the fact that it has taken root in the valley, probably have to thank the glacial period. It so happened that part of the fertile land had slipped along with the glacier in the valley. And mountain streams fed the land with moisture, which helped to acclimatize flowers.
Usually the daffodils bloom in the period from late April to late may.

www.flickr.com/Vitaliy Ilnytskyy

Manyava waterfall
The waterfall is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the territory of the Reserved natural boundary Lubliniec.
He falls from a cliff 20 meters high on the river Moving. Because of the peculiarities of the terrain within the reserve you can see many waterfalls. Next is another – «the Beast».

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Manyava waterfall drops into a deep and picturesque gorge. You can reach it from the historical village of Manyava that stretched out close along the river. Nature of the Carpathian mountains is very interesting, so the walk along the stream to raise the spirits and help restore mental strength.
In the village you can rent a house and to visit historical places. And the journey to the falls will remain in memory for a long time.



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