10 tourism business ideas that should be implemented in Ukraine

10 tourism business ideas that should be implemented in Ukraine

Cable car, fancy hotels, museums and Jurassic Park will attract tourists from different corners of the world.

Traveling is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Especially when visiting the interesting and unseen places. It is very important that they were well groomed, were located next to the hotel for overnight stay and restaurants for snacking. But if everything is designed in the local traditions, in such places you fall in love immediately.
TSN.Tourism has prepared 10 tourism business ideas that have been successfully implemented in different countries and bring considerable profit. The creation of such enterprises will provide income for many years, and with good service, the number of visitors will continue to grow. Below are the most promising business ideas in the tourism sector.

1. The cable car to the mountain

Every year thousands of travelers go to the Carpathian mountainsto enjoy nature and to climb one of the peaks. And, if you make a cable car to the mountain, the flow of tourists, which is huge, has increased.
I mentioned earlier that in December, it completed construction of the tramway from the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates. In the Emirates it is planned as the longest in the world. The cost of the descent is still unknown. However, it is known that the descent of the cable car «Monster» in Puerto Rico, which is now the longest in the world, worth $ 135 (about 3.5 thousand UAH). The length of the descent is a Monster 2 kilometers 200 meters. Starting from the size of the tramway and foreign prices, we can determine the cost for the cable car to the summit. But such an attraction will attract not only Ukrainian, but also foreign tourists.


2. Hotel-Museum in the Palace or castle

Ukraine is left unattended an incredible number of historical buildings. And if castles are abundant in the West of the country, the palaces can be found in each region. Many of them are destroyed and abandoned. Only in Vinnytsia region for more than 20 estates that are slipping away.
For example, the Palace of Thor Lange in napadivka (60 km from Vinnitsa), Palace Sobanskih in Obodivka (near highway, and near several towns), the Palace was in Serebryntsi village (20 km from Mogilev-Podolsky) and the Palace of the Tsishkevich in the village of Andreyevka (24 km from the town of Pogrebische, 80 km from Vinnitsa).

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As example we can take the castle Radomyshl. In the place of the buildings built in ancient times there was a mill and a paper mill. Now the castle is made of paper according to the ancient traditions. Here they even hold workshops. The building has a huge Museum of folk icons (full ticket in the day — 150 UAH), and the majority of bathrooms for a hotel in a medieval style.
The cost of living in a hotel room of the castle from 1300 UAH to 2500 UAH per night. In addition, it is possible to order a Banquet hall for weddings or other celebrations, as well as rooms for exhibitions, concerts, workshops, conferences, trainings and corporate events.

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The cost of a room in a castle, Palace or Villa in Poland starts from 2 thousand UAH per day. And for maximum value, you can even rent the whole building, but this is discussed individually. For rent rooms, are typically offered a variety of additional services. And the cost depends on how luxuriously furnished apartments.

www.flickr.com/Vitaliy Ilnytskyy

3. Gastronomic tourist sites

In Ukraine there are many interesting places to travel. The castles, palaces and various natural wonders. However, not enough interesting gastronomic restaurants. To try dishes that emphasize local flavor. For example, it is in Poltava dumplings or potato pancakes in the Zhytomyr region. Among the Ukrainians popular Ciro wine tours in Transcarpathia.
Typically gastronomic tours are associated with the Western Ukraine or Europe. However, every region has its own culinary secrets.

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www.flickr.com/Cofrance Sarl

4. Interactive Museum of minerals

Usually minerals can be seen in museums, where they are gathering dust on shelves. However, in Transcarpathia there are a lot of minerals and semi-precious stones: ungvari, rock crystal, rhodonite, rock salt, Jasper, agate and opal. It would be appropriate Museum where you can see how the handle the stone with the opportunity to make a souvenir yourself.

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5. The settlement of white Croats

Near Dubrova village, Lviv region preserved a unique place about which few people know. It is an ancient settlement, like a village of the hobbits from «the Lord of the rings.» Actually, it’s rock city, which is considered one of the most ancient settlements of the Slavs. Besides the caves, there are a number of historical objects that require research. Nearby was found the remains of ancient settlements, temples and necropolises.

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If you explore the area, you can create an interesting outdoor Museum and tour routes. Such a place will attract tourists not only from Ukraine but also from Europe. In the village you can make a theme hotel-Museum in which to equip the room for photo shoots.


6. Museum of saltworks in Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia is famous for its deposits of salt. Therefore, the Museum and the saltworks would demand here.
For example, it is known that the extraction of salt near the village of Solotvyno was conducted in the II century, during the reign of Roman Emperor Marcus Trajan. The village is famous for its salt lakes, and the Museum-the centre for therapeutic and culinary twist here would be appropriate.

www.flickr.com/Paul Dmitryev

7. The observation deck on the Mukachevo castle

One of the surviving Ukrainian castles, where you can take unique pictures — Palanok. And the best angle for a picture of the road in the direction of the shoreline, the channel Koropets’. However, viewpoints is not here. You can open a hotel-restaurant, which will open the magical lock.

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www.flickr.com/Vladimir Varfolomeev

8. Jurassic Park

In Ukraine there are many places, where was found a village of the ancient people and the bones of prehistoric animals. Such places little known, and the findings here are taken in regional and national museums.
Should open a Jurassic Park for example Science amusement Park near the village Krasev in Poland. The cost of visiting last approximately ranges from UAH 350 to UAH 1350. The price depends on locations, which wants to see the guest, and the number of people in the group.
This could be sculptures of dinosaurs and mammoths in real growth, hut of the primitive people with their figures and the hotel is in a similar style. The Museum could contain educational and entertainment part.
For example, in the vicinity of the village of Korolevo vinogradivsky district, Transcarpathian region are located the oldest settlement of people in Central and Eastern Europe. Around the village the researchers repeatedly found ancient tools. In addition, in Korolevo was once the house of Hungarian king Stephen V árpád. The name of the village, in translation from Hungarian means «house of the King». And on the mountain in the middle of Korolevo the ruins of the castle «NASB», which can be restored. In addition, there is also has a winery and a Grand wine cellar . Korolevo therefore ideal for the realization of similar ideas.

www.flickr.com/Bronek Drużba

9. Pottery

The town of Kosiv is famous for its ceramics and artists of pottery. However, thematic institutions here.
Popular with holidaymakers would enjoy the complex, where you can watch the production of goods and to participate in workshops, explore the potteries Museum and to buy ceramics on the market. And most importantly, that it was all year round.
As an example, it is necessary to take the village of Opishnya in Poltava region. He has long been considered the capital of Ukrainian pottery. In Opishnya there is all of the above points of interest that attract tourists.

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And in Zolochiv district, Lviv region there is the village of Havarechchyna. It is known for its chernozemnoi Havaretska ceramics. However, there is only launched the school of pottery. If it is restored, to create a Museum of pottery and conduct master classes for tourists it is possible to earn not bad. Besides, 16 km from the village of castles «Golden horseshoe of Lviv region» — Olesko and Pidhirtsi.


10. Travel to interesting places of Ukraine

From each of the regional center or city, you can arrange bus travel routes. This business can be started with very little funds. To start with would be enough of a comfortable bus that can be rented. And the interesting tourist sites are easy to find on the Internet.
From Kiev tourists travel to Chernihiv: the estate in Kachanivka, Sokyryntsi Palace, the ancient Sednev, Hetman capital Baturin, Trostyanets dendropark and of course Chernigov. And in Zhytomyr region: the Palace of Ghana, where he lived, Honore de Balzac, old Berdichev, Korosten is a city that was the capital of Drevlyans principalities, «Stone village» in Rudnya-Zamyslovychi and the village of Denyshi, where there are cliffs for climbing and the remains of Tereschenko’s castle.

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