10 unique places of Ukraine, which should be seen by everyone

10 unique places of Ukraine, which should be seen by everyone

Amazing and unknown places of Ukraine, which are worth to see.

Ukrainian land is rich in various natural and architectural wonders. Sometimes they are very close, however, due to the poorly developed tourism industry no one knows about them. Besides, often the obstacle becomes poor infrastructure and the complete absence of roads. However, these amazing places are not for this less interesting. They keep their legends and traditions away from the human eye and the benefits of civilization.
TSN.Tourism has prepared a list of 10 unique places that are worth seeing once in your life.

Shrines and temples flooded Gusentsov

The ancient village Gusintsy located on the left Bank of the Dnieper, opposite the Rzhyshchiv. During flooding of the area Kanev reservoir it was only Transfiguration Church with a bell tower 1822 construction. It is called Saved on the wateras it is formed on one of the Islands and serves as a reminder of the former settlement.
The temple has long been abandoned. However, in 2008, the Church and the bell tower were examined with the purpose of preservation. And in 2012, the buildings were completely renovated, and the Foundation strengthened.
Nearby, closer to the mouth of the Dnieper river and the town of Rzhyshchiv is a Witch’s island. This is the former Bald mountain, which was used for witches ‘ sabbaths, and in ancient times there were pagan temples. Is considered the via the energy on the mountain is almost no vegetation. Perhaps now hidden in the swamps of the Dnieper, the mountain is the evil force.
Now this area is combined in the Landscape reserve of local importance «Boryspil island». However, under the waters of the reservoir are hidden numerous streets, remains of rich historical past.


The death of the old village Chuchin

The area is located on the outskirts of the village of Balyko-shchuchynka, Kagarlitsky district. In our days, a small and picturesque village, once was a powerful defensive fortress. This is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds and the remains of the city ramparts that date back to the XI century.
An ancient city mentioned in Chronicles in 1110, the company, as a defensive point against the Polovtsians. It is believed that the city was destroyed in the first half of the XIII century during the Mongol invasion, or Batu of the Horde.
The area is located in the West Balyko-Ucinki on the hill. It offers fantastic views of the Kaniv reservoir. The panorama which opens the sight is simply amazing.
Despite the beauty, the tragic events also happened here during the Second world war. There is a memorial to the «Bukrinsky bridgehead». He is associated with this hill in the first place. Hence the Soviet command planned to begin the liberation of Kiev. However, due to inept command and poor training for the battle of two offensive failed. This has led to enormous casualties. According to official information of the capture of the bridgehead killed 250,000 Soviet soldiers. In memory of the heroic deaths of the soldiers, there was erected a memorial complex of impressive dimensions. Within it are mass graves with thousands of victims.

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Landscape Park beeches

The Park is located in the village of Buki skvirsky district, Kyiv region. It is unique because was laid Skvirsky entrepreneur in 1996. Unlike popular parks of Ukraine, has been left to us from our ancestors and has survived the ages.
The Park was built around the river Rostavitsa. Within the village, it has rocky shores, rapids and surrounded by stones. In addition to natural cascading waterfalls there is a large artificial. The river is spanned with several bridges review, and on the banks of the gazebos. During the development of the Park, the old mill was converted into a mini-hydro.
The Park has many sculptures, bas-reliefs and an interesting fountain. One of its jewels — the Holy stone, which was brought from Israel. According to legend, he taken from the place where Jesus turned water into wine.
On the other side of the river is located the Church of the Holy Martyr Eugenia the bell tower and chapels. The temple was built in 2010. Its architecture, like the landscape of the Park is unique and was developed specifically for Beech. Nearby is a zoo «Fairy meadow» and the estate of philanthropist that funded the construction.
Entrance to the Park is free. Entrance fee to the zoo, the meadow and the estate is symbolic. The Park is in excellent condition, everything new and well maintained, so it is worth visiting.

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The city of inspiration and scenery

Such name is the town of Sednev, located in the Chernihiv region. Little heard, but its legends, architecture and landscapes of Sednev can compete even with Chernigov. The first mention of it dates back to 1068 as a city-fortress.
Sednev is located on the banks of the winding like a snake, the river of Dreams. In the surrounding area there are many swamps, marshes and small tributaries to the scenic river. And despite the fact that the area in Chernigov plains near Sednev there are several mountains. One of them built a pergola Leonid Glebov. It offers a fantastic view. The gazebo is named, not accidentally, it is believed that the poet sought inspiration and wrote his «Sorrow».
The city is the House of the artists Union. It is not surprising, Sednev were often portrayed in the paintings of artists of different times. Here very successfully contrasted the picturesque scenery and ancient temples.

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One of the oldest shrines — the Church of St. Gregory the victorious. It is built to the 1745 in the tract of Crown castle, which was part of the ancient settlement of Snovsk. It was in this Church, the film «Viy» 1967. An important fact is that the Church was built without a single nail.
Another religious — revival Church with a bell tower, built in 1880, the year. It is laid down as the tombs of local patrons lizogubs. Here there were 44 burials, most of which in Soviet times were reactivated and removed.
In Sedniv preserved the oldest stone residential building on the left Bank — the building lizogubs. It dates from the XVII century. The tomb of the building are in lizogubs ‘ estate. The main building which is also well preserved. However, the interior needs restoration. It is worth remembering that the estate was repeatedly visited by Taras Shevchenko is here, even installed a monument to him.


The Kingdom of waterfalls and rocks

In the South-West of the village of Zlynka, kirovohrads’ka region there are the rocky tract «Cascades». It is located on the banks of the picturesque river beeches. The tract formed one of the most ancient tectonic plates that go here to the surface. These rocks were formed about 2 billion years ago.
Such natural wonders in Central Ukraine virtually none. After all, here is dominated by step. The rocks and boulders that protrude from the water, very majestic, and even have their own names. Some of the rocks form natural waterfalls that adds beauty and uniqueness.
Under a clump of water is a cave. When research found that there were ancient symbols and inscriptions. It is believed that once there was a Scythian sanctuary. Many people come to the natural boundary of the positive energy and restore mental strength. Also, under one of the waterfalls in the granite hollowed out well. The depth of over 20 meters.
In the tract there are many rare plants listed in the Red book. The fauna is also very diverse. 58 species of animals living around protected by the Berne Convention.
The best guards of the area serve bad roads and lack of nearby large cities. Therefore, this can be seen in almost pristine form. However, we must not forget about the cleanliness of the environment and to clean up after themselves when visiting the unique geological features.


Canyon Cimmerian Princess

The canyon is situated on the river Kamenka, near the village of tokivs’ke Apostolic of the district, Dnipropetrovsk region. The rocks here are — frame the river and form cascading waterfalls with a total height of 6 meters.
There is an interesting legend about the origin of the canyon. It tells that once the Cimmerian Princess Tamiris wanted to catch the Scythians. And when she was running away from his pursuers, then on the way came across a small river. Stream has agreed to help the girl in exchange for her necklace. The Princess threw the decoration into the river, and when the water came the Scythians, she thundered, from the ground up to the block of stone and covered his pursuers.
The rocks forming the canyon are outcrops of the ancient mountains. The rock is red granite, which are considered to be quality material for the lining. These granites are perfectly treatable. So there is a picturesque canyon there are several quarries. To get to it will need to spin the winding roads.
The area around the river is really very picturesque and romantic. Here you can relax on the weekends, and the roar of the river downs heard from afar.


Town on the rocky banks

The city of monay (to 2016 Dneprodzerzhinsk) is known as an industrial center, but it has a rich history. There are many architectural monuments of the past. Built in the Soviet era and industrial structures contrast sharply with the historic buildings and unique landscapes of the Dnieper.
Settlements on the territory of the city was still in the Paleolithic era. And in times of Kievan Rus there was held an important trade route «from the Varangians to the Greeks».
The first settlement on the place of Comenius was called Romankovo. It is, as the surrounding settlement was founded by the Zaporozhye Cossacks in the 1st half of the XVII century. The name monay received because of the flooding of the reservoir Bank of the Dnieper river was here very steep and rocky.
One of the attractions of the past — the Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1895. He’s one of the few Roman Catholic churches, preserved in the East of Ukraine.
Another Church — St. Michael’s Cathedral, was founded by the order of Russian Emperor Nicholas II in 1894. The order for construction was given after a failed assassination attempt on the Emperor in Japan. Later was added the bell tower and made a few rearrangements.
Of interesting buildings in the city is to provide the city history Museum, Musical drama theatre. Lesya Ukrainka Central city library.
Within the city on the Dnieper river has several Islands. With sushi they can be reached by bridges from which opens a magnificent panorama. On the Islands there are very safe beaches.

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Optimistic cave

The cave has impressive size. It is considered the longest gypsum cave in the world and the longest in Eurasia as a whole. Rakuten ranks fifth in size, among all caves in the world. It is located near the village of Korolivka, Sormovskogo district, Ternopil region.
The cave was found by accident. In 1965, when he investigated the cave «Wind», the local boys showed the explorers the stream that disappears underground. Then dig up the place failed. However, the researchers returned a year later and opened the cave. From the very beginning it was predicted that it is longer than 3 km, are currently studied more than 250 km of corridors.
The name discovery was given because researchers have studied the cave colleagues called «optimists».
Optimistic cave is divided into 10 regions have certain morphological differences. They are connected by one or more moves. Beautiful galleries are: Karaganda, Golden Snake, Pushkin, the milky Way.
The most beautiful area is considered zaozernyy. To reach it will have to overcome a path length of 5 km And here you can’t always go and need to overcome the blockage in the hall «Akva-Vita». However, brave souls who will get here, waiting for the enormous size of the rooms, colored walls and crystals of different sizes.


The resort is in the arms of the Dniester

The town is zalishchyky in Ternopil region on the left Bank of the Dniester. The river passes by the village so that may seem like it on the island. However, Dnister zalischyky only washes on three sides. The track goes around the city creating perfect conditions for rest and unique landscapes.
Beautiful spot, where the zalischyky has attracted residents at all times. This is confirmed by archaeological finds. Here were found the monuments of the Paleolithic and Tripoli, lipetskoj, rangelovska and ancient cultures.
For a long time it was part of Poland. It was one of the most popular resorts in the country, which was visited even Josef Pilsudski. Now in Zaleschiki too, you can relax. Here are many sandy beaches close to the hotels and resorts. Guests can go fishing on the Dniester.
In Zaleschiki annual festivals and other cultural events.

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Of the rich historic past is evidenced by the architectural monuments. The most interesting are: the Palace of the barons Bronicki, the Royal military barracks, the house of elders and the court, «people’s house» and a number of ancient temples.

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The residence of white Croats

The ancient settlement between the villages of Dubrava and Stilsko in the Lviv region. The heyday of life in the settlement, about IX-X century. Another name of stilsko settlement.
The settlement is a complete town with rocky caves, altars, and underground labyrinths. The area of the fortified settlement was about 250 ha, and strengthening stretched 10 km. Around the mountain settlement excavated a number of residential and commercial buildings, as well as bukovku of the old «White road». In the surrounding area, archaeologists also found traces of ancient settlements, temples and necropolises.


Stilsko mound is one of the oldest Slavic settlements. Archaeologists believe that this unique monument of ancient Ukrainian history and culture.
In 2001 the city was included in the State register of immovable monuments of Ukraine. In the historic area were planned to create Historical and cultural reserve. However, despite international recognition of this unique monument, and regulations — study of the settlement has been terminated. Therefore, the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian remains on the sidelines of history.



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