15 Islands in the Ukraine who need to see

15 Islands in the Ukraine who need to see

Interesting Islands and sea braids of Ukraine, which is worth a visit this summer.

In the coastal waters and rivers of Ukraine there are a lot of Islands. Some very small, but others have their own history and served as a shelter for entire villages. Only in the Black sea there are about 10 of these, not to mention those that are on the Dnieper, the Dniester, the southern bug river or other rivers of Ukraine.
TSN. Tourism has prepared a list of 15 beautiful Islands, lapped by the Ukrainian rivers and the Black sea.

Venice island — the city of Kiev

The island is washed by the river Dnieper and rusanivsky and Venetian canals. Located in the Central part of Kiev. To the island leads metro bridge rusanivsky bridge. Here is the metro station «Hydropark».
The island is the Kiev water Park and entertainment complex with numerous beaches, water rides and boat stations. There shall be rental catamarans and boats, you can play tennis, paintball, football and volleyball. In the Park is a cultural Playground «Rocking chair», admission to which is free. Hydropark also has a lot of discos and restaurants.
The island is the open air Museum «Kiev in miniature».
At various times the island was connected with the land, but because of the floods formed rusanivsky Strait, which separated it from the land. Here was Predmostnaya Slobodka, which was burned during the Second world war. On the island there is the monument of the dead.

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Trukhanov island, Kyiv city

The island is washed by the Dnipro river. It is located opposite the historical part of the city. With the right Bank it connects Park pedestrian bridge.
Trukhaniv island is one of the favorite places of the inhabitants of the capital. It is convenient because it is located near the Central part of the city. There are many clean beaches and a large wooded area. Also on the coast are cafes, restaurants and discos. The island has entertainment and sports complexes.
It is believed that the name Trukhanov island comes from the name of the Polovtsian Khan Tugorhana. On site in the late 11th century the residence of the daughter of the Khan.
In the 1920-ies on the island was laid in the village. However, during the Second world war it was burned. Here is a monument to the destroyed settlement.

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Zhukov island — the city of Kiev

The area is located between the village of Korchuvate and the island of semiconductors. On one side is washed by the Dnieper, and on the other the river Konik. The island of Crowberry it is connected to the artificial dam.
Zhukov island is a landscape reserve of local importance. In the reserve is prohibited any economic action. The area is beautiful and has many lakes and ducts with different vegetation. Natural attraction of the island is the Oak on the blue water. The age of a tree about 500 years and the thickness of the trunk 6 m.
1936 — 1941 here took place the construction of a railway tunnel, which was to be held under the Dnipro river. However, it was never completed. The remains of the ruined buildings have survived to the present day.
The island’s name probably comes from the river Zhukovka, which here flows into the Dnieper.


The monastic island — the city of Dnepr

The island is located on the Dnieper river within the same city. To it from the Park of T. G. Shevchenko leads the pedestrian bridge. The Park is extremely picturesque, there are some interesting sculptures.
Monastic island has steep and flat shores. On the rocky slopes of the artificial waterfall. More shallow beach is the locals beach. There are cozy cafes and restaurants. And also you can rent boats and catamarans. On the island for children, a zoo and aquarium. This is one of the best and most scenic places in the river.
The island has a Church. Nicholas, founded in 1999.
The island has a considerable size of more than 70 hectares. However, before the flooding of the area of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station it was even more.
It is believed that the name of the island derives from the location here of an ancient Byzantine Church, which has not survived. Besides it has a rich historical past that goes back to the Goths and Huns. This is confirmed by archaeological finds made on here.

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The island of Khortytsya Zaporozhye

The island is located on the Dnieper river in the city Zaporozhye. Above the river is the Dnieper hydroelectric station. The island is considered to be the largest on the Dnieper. He has a very varied landscape: mountains, ravines, beams and lakes. Here you can do a lot of panoramic photos. The island has several bridges.
The island is primarily associated with the Cossack era. Here is the historical-cultural Museum «Zaporizhian Sich». It is dedicated to the lifestyle of the Cossacks. Have built wooden ramparts, the Church and other buildings. Tourists can visit all premises and to assess, as once lived ordinary Cossacks, ataman and Cossack officers. Also on the island of Khortytsia is a Museum of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.
Near the island was found Cossack boat — the Seagull. Presumably it was used during the Russo-Turkish war of 1735-1739 years. The ship was restored and is located on the island in a special pavilion.

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Along with the Khortytsya island is a canoe, or Small Khortytsya. In the 18th century Dmitry Vyshnevetsky, known by the nickname Biden laid a fortress and shipyard.
The first archaeological finds of this area belong to the Mesolithic. Here were found the remains of pagan temples and ancient settlements of different periods. However, the island retains the glory of the cradle of the Cossacks.
One version of the origin of the name of the island from the Turkish-Polovtsian word «ORT», that is the average. Probably meant that he is in the middle of the Dnieper. The first mention in Chronicles about the island connected with the campaign Iziaslav Sviatoslavych against the Polovtsy in 1103.

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Island Camp — city of Vinnitsa

The island is located on the river southern bug in the city of Vinnitsa. Its other name of the Festival.
Now Camp is abandoned and the bridges to it are not. The only transition was dismantled by the establishment of the Vinnytsia fountain. Although Kemp to get there is no way, however, it is worth visiting the fountain. In the evenings ustraivaetsya spectacular light show.
Island Camp is artificial, it was built in ancient times with the creation of the fortifications. The title translates from Polish as a mound, or heap. The main fortifications at the camp were compiled in 1604. However up to now not reached.


The island’s Yin-Yang — village Lytiachi

The Islands are on the Dniester river. Nearest village — Lytiachi, zalishchyky district, Ternopil region.
Yin-Yang and the surrounding area is covered with dense forest. Places around the village Lytiachi extremely picturesque. And Islands of the river adds identity and uniqueness. Here you can spend time away from the city, enjoy the pristine scenery and take wonderful photos.
The island got its name due to its similarity to the Chinese symbol Yin-Yang. It is better to contemplate on them on the West side of the village. This is the best angle for the consideration of the natural wonder.

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Large and Small kuchugury — Zaporiz’ka oblast

Large and Small kuchugury, is an ornithological reserve of national importance. The island is located on the Dnieper river within the Kakhovka reservoir. The nearest city of Vasylivka, Zaporizhia region.
The archipelago consists of 20 Islands with a height of up to 20 meters. Nest here and are living in a time of flight of about 50 species of birds.
The island is extremely picturesque, however they are not visible from the shore. The place is very interesting, you can do a lot of panoramic photos.
The reserve is part of the national nature Park «Velikiy Lug».


Island Shatsk — Svitiaz

The island is located on lake Svityaz in the National nature reserve, Shatsky. The nearest settlement — the village Svityaz, Shatsk district, Volyn region.
The surrounding countryside is very picturesque. The island itself is a nesting area for various birds. To reach it by boat or kayak. The trip will take about half an hour. Here you can find the remnants of the holiday homes of party officials.
The water in the lake is clear and clean, and the island’s magnificent panorama. The reservoir has wide, sandy beaches.
In surrounding villages there are a number of boarding houses and rest homes. Here you can spend a weekend or even a vacation.


The Island Of Berezan

The island is located on the Black sea. The nearest town — village Rybakivka, Mykolaiv region. The distance from the coast 4 km From the village you can reach by boat.
The island has steep rocky shores that make it virtually impregnable. The height of the rocks from 3 to 21 meters.
Berezan has a rich history that goes back to ancient times. It was a Greek city-state Borisfenida, founded in XII century BC the Remains of it can still be seen today. Also on the island there are ancient fortifications and the Monument to Lieutenant Schmidt. He was executed here in 1906.
The name of the island probably gave the Scythians. Berezan ‘ is derived from the Iranian word «Berezan» which means high.


The Island Dzharylgach

The island is located in Karkinit Gulf of the Black sea. From it to the shore stretches a long sandy spit. It ends at the village Lazurne, Skadovsk district, Kherson region.
The island is part of the National Park Dzharylgach. There are about two hundred lakes and estuaries. Most of them are salty, some sweet. Most of the coastline of the island is suitable for swimming, there are a lot of beaches.
The Dzharylgach is the lighthouse and pier. So you can reach it by boat or ship. Latest runs here occasionally from Skadovsk. The cost of the road in both directions — about 200 UAH.
The most likely origin of name is from the Tatar «Yarilagic» — one that is able to crack.

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Spit biruchiy island

Spit stretches from the town of Kyrylivka. However, administrative it belongs to Henichesk district, Kherson region. Biruchiy island belongs to the Azov-Sivash national nature Park. It separates the utluk estuary from the sea.
On Fedotova spit that leads to the island, built a number of hotels, lodges and resorts. Here you can relax, swim in the sea and photographed on a background of beautiful scenery.
The island is a reclaimed sandy plain. There are a lot of lakes, and the Western coast is indented by numerous coves and bays. On the spit, live deer, fallow deer, wild ass, horses and pheasants.
Here in 1957 was built the beacon Herald.

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The Island May Day

Located at the entrance to the Dnieper-bug estuary. The nearest town of Ochakov, Nikolaev area. Was created artificially and used as a block Fort at the entrance to the Dnieper estuary.
The project on creation of the Islands was approved on 17 August 1874. Its first name the Battery. Stone blocks to create the island were imported from the ruined fortress of Kinburn.
The construction was finished in December 1880. Buildings and fortifications were seriously damaged during the Civil war of 1917-1921 years. Now the island is not used.


Snake Island

The island is located in the Black sea. He refers to the Ukraine and defines its territorial waters. Its territory is the village of White. It is one of the furthest settlements from the land of Ukraine. Distance from island to land, approximately 37 km.
In addition to residential and commercial buildings on the island is the lighthouse. In 2000-ies was built berth for vessels with the length up to 8 meters. Around the island there are sunken ships, so here you can go diving.

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To Snake from the city of Vilkovo every Thursday runs the ship. On the journey, it is better to negotiate with the captain of the ship. You can come here on a tour and see the enchanting scenery of the Black sea. However, due to the fact that the island is in a border area, for the trip will need to prepare a number of documents.
The Greeks in ancient times was called the island of Achilles. Because, here was his temple and according to legend buried himself Achilles. Another ancient name of the island — White. The modern name is due to the fact that here came a lot of snakes.


Tendrov spit

The island is located off the coast of Kherson region. One of the nearby villages is an Iron Port. There is well-developed infrastructure, so you can relax and admire the unique landscapes of the spit. The island is framed Tendrovsky Bay.
The island is home to wild horses. He also serves as a nesting place for wild birds.
On Tenderska spit is a lighthouse built in 1827.
In ancient times KOs was connected with the island of Dzharylgach and was called Achilles running. The ancient Greeks believed that the Xhosa was a place of training epic hero. In honor of Achilles, the inhabitants of Olbia were carried out on spit sports games.

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