5 atmospheric places of Bukovina: «space» station, fabulous mountains and unique architecture

5 atmospheric places of Bukovina: «space» station, fabulous mountains and unique architecture

Chernivtsi attracts the residence of the Metropolitan, but
experienced travellers should go to the mountains at the border with Romania.

Chernivtsi region is to surprise travelers. There is an interesting architectural monuments, and little-known wonders of nature. TSN.Tourism has prepared a selection of places of Bukovina for experienced travelers and those who are just planning to travel Ukraine.

Chernivtsi national University

Chernivtsi – very beautiful city, stroll the parks, the Botanical garden and examine the unique architecture, the decoration of which is the Chernivtsi University. In ancient times it served as a residence of Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia. Along with luxurious building in the XIX century, was founded the arboretum with an area of 5 hectares. The architecture of the residence Park and the stone wall around the well preserved. Here, among the numerous trees and shrubs, there are several pools with fountains, sculptures and grotto. Brick fence separates the big square from the city, creating a welcoming atmosphere for walks and photo shoots.

In addition to the University, in the city, visit city hall at Market square, drama theatre, Armenian Church, Jesuit Church and St. Nicholas Cathedral with an unusual spiral reels that seemed to be falling. Another interesting location – Chernivtsi Botanical garden is considered one of the most romantic places of Ukraine.


Khotyn fortress

Powerful and well-preserved fortress located in Khotyn. The first fortifications on this place, founded in the X century by order of Vladimir the Great. However, the modern fortress founded in the thirteenth century, but was rebuilt up to the XVIII. In addition to the fortress, close by is preserved the import of the tower, an additional defensive wall and the Church.

In the middle of the castle rooms is the exposition of firearms, «torture» and «prison». Courtyard, tower and all the buildings of the Khotyn fortress is well preserved, and its walls offers a panorama of the Dniester.

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In addition, 30 km from Khotyn is located in the Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress. Here, apart from the fortress, preserved many ancient attractions and the city centre can be called a Museum under the open sky.


Dniester canyon

The Dniester river divides its waters several areas. So on one of its banks located in Chernivtsi oblast, and on the other Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsia. She’s like a snake, flows between the hills and cliffs, forming incredible for Ukraine landscapes. Along its riverbed you can see a lot of picturesque places to stay, tourist centers and cave monasteries. Khmelnytsky region is a picturesque and ancient Bakota rock monastery, and in the Vinnytsia region – the monastery of, founded by Anthony Pechersky and nicknamed Vinnitsa Athos. It is not only the ancient sacred landmark, but also a place with incredible panoramas that open on the limestone cliffs.

In Chernivtsi region such place is the village of Galitsa. It is located on the banks of the Dniester, and on the outskirts of an ancient piously-Nikolaev monastery «Galitsa». According to legend, the monastery was given this name because in 1920, on the night of St. Nicholas, above the temple appeared a cross of stars.

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Hunters impressions and untouched corners of the nature are also worth to visit here. On the outskirts of the village is located the landscape reserve Galician wall.


Pass Turkish Versed

The pass is located near the village Harvi Chernivtsi region. Since it offers fabulous views of the Pokuttya-Bukovina Carpathians, and is located close to Vyzhnytsya national natural Park.

Another name for the pass Nemchich is a ski resort with hotels and restaurants. In winter tourists come here to ski. There are lifts and there are three trails of varying difficulty, to descend. And in other times of the year pass you can walk, climb mountains, go Cycling and visit a walking or bus trips to interesting places.

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Near the village are monuments of nature «Cave of Dovbush», «Protyate stones» and «Nimchych». Cliff surrounded by a pine forest, and the highest of them – «Hawkeye» – reaches 40 meters. It got its name through the hole at the top, resembling a bird eye.


The radar station «Pamir»

Between the villages of Verkhnii yalovets ‘ and Sarata, mountain range Tomnatic (1565 m), the abandoned Soviet radar station «Pamir». Here is a white spherical building in the background of the Carpathian mountains create a fantastic atmosphere. In General, the picture that more closely resembles the scenery for the film about secret agents and aliens, not a Carpathian mountain pass.

Previously secret, now abandoned Pamir, situated almost on the border with Romania. Therefore, the mountain range could be seen land of Transylvania and the Romanian mountains is Native.

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Of interesting facts – here, the clip was filmed at Jamala’s song «1944».


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