5 reasons to visit Mukachevo. In the city go for a young wine, legends and unique architecture

5 reasons to visit Mukachevo. In the city go for a young wine, legends and unique architecture

11 November 2017 in Mukachevo in a big way will celebrate St. Martin’s day — the patron Saint of the city.

Mukachevo most known thanks to the legendary castle that dominates the city. He persevered through numerous sieges and was a stronghold of the rebellion. And according to the legend, during the construction, the owner even had to negotiate with the evil spirit.
However, the Palanok castle is not the only attraction of the ancient city. TSN.Tourism found 5 reasons to visit Mukachevo.
1. Palanok Castle
Grand Palanok castle is seen before the entrance to the city of Mukachevo. It dominates the area almost 70 meters, due to the mountain of volcanic origin, which is located. To build a stone fortress on the mountain began in the XIV century. Prior to this there was also a fortress, however, it was not preserved.
The current view of Mukachevo castle received immediately. It was built until the end of the XVII century, i.e. for more than four centuries. During this time, the fortress has undergone many changes, and its architecture has combined the various changes that were made from the defense and aesthetic reasons, owners.

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The castle houses the Museum of the history of the castle and also a number of interesting shops. And its viewing platforms you can see the monuments to the former owners. One of which, according to legend, even a deal with the devil to help to get to the water in the fortress.
As a reminder, the Palanok castle was included in 10 Ukrainian castles, near which definitely need to take a selfie.

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2. City hall
Another decoration of the city of Mukachevo — town hall. Built in the Gothic revival style in keeping with the architectural trends of the twentieth century, the town hall has a romantic look. On the main tower have a balcony with luxurious railings, and each horn adorned with medieval turrets.
On the projection that departs from the main façade, there are two decorative towers – they give the hall personality. However, the most recognizable makes it olive green. And all together makes the building where nowadays is located the city Council, is unique.

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3. The Church of St Martin
The Cathedral was built in 1904, in honor of the patron Saint of the city of St. Martin. Next to the Cathedral chapel of St. Joseph, which is considered a model of religious monuments of the XIV century.
The Church is made in light brown tones, and its main tower is decorated with a clock.
Walking near the temple, enter it and admire ancient paintings. Besides, it stores the on of 1914, whose music permeates the whole body thoroughly.
The Cathedral is located near the town hall, which, incidentally, is decorated with coats of arms with the patron Saint of the city.

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4. The Palace of the counts of schönborn
16 kilometers from Mukachevo is located the village of the Carpathians. Here you can see one of the most interesting architectural masterpieces of Ukrainian lands – the Palace of the counts of Schonborn, or Beregvar.
The Palace is built in neoromantic style in the late nineteenth century. At the same time around the building was laid out a magnificent Park with an area of 19 hectares, which is preserved to this day.
Earlier Beregvar was mentioned among 10 provincial palaces and mansions of Ukraine, which you have to see.
If you go to the enchanted Palace, you should visit the ancient castle of Saint-Miklosh in chinadievo. The village is located 10 km from Mukachevo. And although outside the castle may seem quite grim, the interior of the stronghold will be pleasantly surprised. To his rooms to host exhibitions of Celtic and Scythian culture, and clothing and portraits of the owners of the stronghold. Visitors can also explore secret passageways, which have been preserved in the thickness of the walls of St. Miklos.

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5. Wine festival in Mukachevo
Festival «red wine» every year, timed to the New year, old style. In 2018 it will be held on January 12-14. At the festival are local performers who wish to relish the wine and have fun, as is customary in such cases. At the festival you can also try the Transcarpathian liqueurs and Mead.

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11 Nov 2017 – St. Martin’s day. And since he is the patron Saint of the city Mukachevo, that there will be a huge celebration. During the festive event are ethnic fairs and hammered a wedge into the first barrel of new wine. You can purchase the products of the bakers and beekeepers, and to try roasted chestnuts, French soup, mulled wine and various other food and drinks.
And St. Martin is famous for having founded the chaplaincy. Chaplain is a chaplain in the army, which carried out the divine service in the military, monitors their morale and funeral services for the dead.



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