5 star monastery in Italy. In the temple rooms, SPA, sauna, gym and restaurant

5 star monastery in Italy. In the temple rooms, SPA, sauna, gym and restaurant

In Tuscany you can drink wine, admire the scenery, architecture, and interesting provincial Italy.

Castelnuovo Berardenga is a municipality in Italy, located in Tuscany. In size it is comparable to a small Ukrainian town. However, perfectly preserved buildings and a thousand years of castle-monastery — significantly distinguish it from Ukrainian cities.

The municipality is surrounded by plantations of grapes. The residents engaged in viticulture in all small towns of Tuscany. In this region produce «Chianti» is one of the varieties of Italian wine.

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On the outskirts of the city, with such a confusing name, there’s a fortress where nearly a thousand years. In fact, it is an ancient monastery with towers, bell tower and the high defensive walls. Now the building was restored and arranged the elegant 5-star hotel. In the monastery you can find almost everything for a harmonious leisure: SPA, massage, gym, sauna, steam room, swimming pools, two restaurants and a wine cellar enviable sizes.

In the cellar of the winery ceiling is a huge brick vaults. The room itself is imbued with the spirit of the middle ages — there is even a floor of a thousand years. In the Central hall of the cellar is a restaurant.

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In fairness I should say that one of the premises of the monastery belongs to the Church. Here, hold Sunday mass, weddings, and the temple visited by residents of the town.

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