5 travel to Western Ukraine, which will give an unforgettable experience

5 travel to Western Ukraine, which will give an unforgettable experience

Mountain views, springs, waterfalls and thermal waters make Western Ukraine a unique area to travel for every taste.

The Carpathian mountains hide a number of secrets that not all experienced travelers have discovered. And if you were not Famous, then at least heard the stories of friends about the village in a mountain valley. A Fort on the border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Popovychi — not everyone knows.

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The number of visitors growing every year, and those who are well aware of Western Ukraine, want to discover new places. TSN.Tourism has prepared a selection of villages of Western Ukraine, which will be interesting for both novice and experienced travelers.


It is located in Mizhhiria district, Transcarpathian region. Kolochava is surrounded by mountains, including one of the highest – Strymba (1719 m). It’s worth the climb to its summit and admire the Carpathian panoramas. You can also conquer the low mountains surrounding the village: Rouge, Barvikha, Topaz and periwinkle.

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The village has 10 museums. Among them: «kolochavskie narrow-gauge railway», «Old village», «Bunker Stera» – folk rebel, Museums, Czech and Soviet school. In addition, nearby there is a School of sheep. There are taught herding case, buy sheep cheese and bordoy (a dish of seeds). In Kolochava there are about 50 places that will interest visitors. It is a historical, cultural and natural attractions.
You can also go Hiking on mountain trails or paved trails. Among these is the hike to the spring of Borcut. Can be rented: ATV, bike, coach and an armored vehicle. During the walk you will meet the rapid streams and waterfalls.
Fishing fans should take a tackle. You can also stay in the village and make camp in the mountains.

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Kolochava village is located within the National natural Park Sinevir.

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The village is located in bohorodyts’ke district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Distance to the regional center and 27 km from Manyava worth a visit manyavsky skit. It is a monastery of the XVII century, founded by a native of Athos. In ancient times the temple was subordinated directly to Constantinople.

Manyava wodospad is a place that worth to see. At a height of 18 meters, he is one of the highest in Ukraine. To approach it from below and climb on top. In order to view it from above, standing at the sign in front of the waterfall, turn left and up. Drive up to the waterfall itself will fail about 1 km you have to walk and better to wear tall boots. The entrance to it is surrounded by a canyon, a height of 20 meters, and on the way there are cascading waterfalls. Therefore, the hike is justified by experience.

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The waterfall is located in the tract of the Beast. Within it there are two interesting falls: the Beast and Marianny.
How to get to Manavi walking bus from Ivano-Frankivsk (bus station in Mazepa street) 8:55, 13:00, 14:40, 17:00. In the village of one main road. To reach the waterfall, you should go along it.



The village is situated in Perechyn district, Transcarpathian region. Distance from the regional center – 50 km. Through Lumshory the river Turitsa. 3.5 km from Lomonov on the river there are a number of waterfalls. The height of each does not exceed 4 meters. Near the waterfall the Oracle is the source.
Known Lumshory since 1600 as a Spa resort. Here you will be asked to stew in vats. The water is heated to not more than 45°C. But may give the impression that you really cook with. Then it is necessary to proceed from such baths. To cool cool mountain streams, pools or tubs. Such bathing will be useful for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system and skin.

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During leisure guests can go fishing in the pond. Also in the village offer tours to the waterfalls and the mountain Smooth.
How to get there by train of Uzhgorod direction to Svalyava station or to Uzhgorod. From Uzhhorod there is a direct flight to Lumshory — twice a day at 07:30 and 14:00.
Can also be reached from the village of Polyana. There are regular guided tours are available.



The village is situated in the Berehovo district of Transcarpathian region. Distance to regional center – 20 km.
The village surrounds an ancient oak guy. And it is known for its thermal waters. Come here for rest and recuperation. Here there are two thermal pools with mineral water. One of them can be visited all year round. The water in it is from the depth of 1190 m and has a temperature of +41°C. from Everywhere come here to heal musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and peripheral nervous system.

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The village has several health and recreational complexes. Here you can relax, enjoying the panoramas of the Carpathian nature. In Koson well-developed infrastructure.
How to get there: from Mukachevo, Uzhgorod Batevo or rides the bus to the coast. In its centre by bus (departing several times a day, except weekends), train commuter station Kosino (5 km from the village) or take a taxi.

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The village is located in the Mostysk district, Lviv region 25 km from the city center.
The village is known fortifications that were built before the First world war. A number of fortifications formed the fortress, which is one of the largest in Europe. They were built around the city of Przemysl, which is now in Poland. To defensive structures included 57 FORTS. 6 of them are located in the North-Western outskirts of the village popovychi.
To visit the FORTS should have a passport – facilities located in the border zone. As monuments are located in the woods, you should carry a map and compass. From Popovich to the West there is a field road leads to the Fort «Javanica». Should wear protective clothing and take mosquito spray.

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In the city Mostyska-preserved ancient temples, the castle, town hall and clock tower. Therefore, planning a vacation, you should visit the city center.
How to get from Lviv bus station (near Central station) there are buses to the village of Mostyska. From city to the village of popovychi buses.

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Earlier, reference was made to the village Average of Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region. It is possible to see the remains of the Templar castle and enjoy a wine that is kept in the ancient man-made caves.

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