7 ski resorts in the Carpathian mountains for a budget trip at the last moment

7 ski resorts in the Carpathian mountains for a budget trip at the last moment

Places and on skis to drive, and something interesting to see.

A compilation of little-known ski resorts where it is possible to break the budget, while not booking my accommodation a few months before arrival.


Kosiv is famous Hutsul souvenir market, which is one of the largest in the Carpathian region. It sells towels, ceramics, carving and basketry. In addition, it is at the foot of the Carpathians, near the nature Park «Huzulschyna» and the mountains conditioning. It was on its slopes are equipped with ski slope length is about 1200 meters. There are lifts, ski rental, cafes and a medical center.

I should add that the snow here is natural and only working ski lifts. On the road across the hills and bumps, but because to move it will be interesting to those who confidently stand on skis or snowboard. Beginners can train in a more gently sloping lower part of the descent.

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Sheshory located 13 kilometers from Kosovo, is also on the edge of national Park «Hutsulshchyna». There is already a greater choice of runs, the length of which varies from 700 to 1500 meters. The snow on the slopes is only natural, there are no snow cannons and ultra-modern lighting, but a t-bar lift. Thus, slopes for skiing here prepares snowcat. The route is mainly flat, but with jumps.

Infrastructure in Sheshory is well developed, have a place to stay and try, but the housing should be arranged in advance.

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One of the landmarks of the town are silvery waterfalls on the river Pistyn.



Village Vorokhta is located on the banks of the Cheremosh river, 15 kilometers from Kosovo. Near the Cheremosh rises a hundred-meter rock, which is considered a local natural landmark. It is one of the recreation centres where you can admire panoramas and skiing. There are a couple descents, diverging in a V shape: the smaller has a length of about 800 meters and is designed for beginners and is served by ski lift, and more – 1500 meters – for experienced skiers and is served by a chair lift.

Here are some local prices: unlimited Ski-pass for the day will cost 200 UAH, hotel accommodation for one – 525 UAH. Thus, it is possible to withdraw as private rooms and cottages, and housing for local residents.


Verkhovyna village

Among the Carpathian mountains, on the banks of the river Black Cheremosh there is another ski resort Verkhovyna. You can get here by road from Kosovo. Verkhovyna is situated at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level. Above it rise the mountains: Mazurka (1025 metres), Synytsia (1186 m), Bila Kobyla (1473 m) and PIP Ivan (2020 m). On top of the latest there are the ruins of an old Observatory that is planned to be restored in the coming years.

Near the village, on a mountain Pushkar, there is a ski slope with a length of about 380 meters. Here a t-bar lift. While more experienced skiers should visit the neighbouring village of Il’tsi. The length of the descent there is about 700 metres away, while it is steeper.

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In addition, Verkhovyna vacationers traveling to improve their health — there are about one hundred mineral springs. And the location among the mountains and spruce forests attracted lovers of comfort and unspoiled nature. However, the village has preserved the old houses, next to which you can make iconic photos.



This year in Vorokhta will operate at least one route for the descent on the mountain «Pushkar». Its length is about 500 meters. Thus, there is a rope tow snow cannon and a snow groomer.

In addition, the village famous Austrian stone bridges that were laid in the nineteenth century. Their length of 100 and 130 meters. They are considered the original card Vorokhta, and the youngest of them and is still used. In the village there is the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary of the XVII century.

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Yablunytsia is one of the most popular resorts of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. But still there is less tourists than in the village or nearby the village. At the same time, the village has a number of slopes served by rope tows:

1. «Czech» — length: 900 meters, the height difference of 280 meters

2. «Dynamo-1» — length: 900 meters, the height difference of 280 meters

3. «Cooperative» — a length of 860 meters, a height difference of 250 meters

4. «Pancakes» — length 400 metres height difference of 150 meters

5. «Cow» — length of 200 meters

6. «Goat» — length: 650 meters.



The village is located among the mountains in Ivano-Frankivsk region. You can get here on the road Dolyna-Khust, leading to the village through the vyshkovsky pass. It is in the vyškov begins a series of Hiking trails, leading to mountain the vyshkovsky Gorgan and to the lake Synevyr.

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The village has two ski slopes: the mountain Room with a length of one thousand meters, and the mountain Cherry is 400 metres away. The latter is equipped with a lift.

The cost of rental of skis or snouborde in the village – 60 hryvnia per day, but the amount of inventory is limited. Single lift use – 8 UAH.


We will remind that on 5 December in Ukraine started the ski season in Bukovel opened the first two tracks. In addition, in Bukovel first discovered the ice hotel and the country’s first toboggan run.

Videokaart «Bukovel» has opened the ski season for tourists

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