8 cities for a weekend break in Ukraine

8 cities for a weekend break in Ukraine

Scenic locations for an unforgettable spring travel.

Ukraine is rich in picturesque corners. Ancient castles and fortresses, fantastic rivers, mountains and parks are all found here. It is especially interesting to visit after a cold winter. When everything comes alive and blossoms.
You can carefully plan the voyage and go on a mini vacation in the spring.

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Lviv — the cradle of Ukrainian traditions. Here everyone will find something to taste.
Part of the old town belongs to UNESCO world heritage sites. Market square — in the city center, is famous for the historic facades and interesting thematic institutions. In addition to the «Kryivka» there are many different restaurants and cafes. Delicious, fragrant Lviv coffee, hot chocolate and craft beer — all at the guests ‘ disposal.
Institutions are harmoniously blended in the city and without them it is impossible to imagine Lviv. They are known for their atmosphere and if every parallel universe. Here themed contests, and the service is truly European.
Those wishing to make a memorable photo and see the city, at a glance, it should be up to the town hall. Views of ancient buildings, Gothic cathedrals and churches will impress anyone.
Also on the market Square there are a number of museums dedicated to various facets of city life Italian courtyard, the old pharmacy and Museum of weapons. And these are just a few among dozens.
The one who comes here for the first time will not have time to consider. And who has already visited Lviv, will certainly be able to access the city in new ways. There are various excursions — day and night. Often they are accompanied by a small show told interesting snippets of history and mystical legends. Worth a visit at least one to better understand the flavour of the cultural capital of Ukraine.
One of the business cards in Lviv — the Opera house, decorated with quaint figures. Obligatory tourist point of the city, accessed by a picturesque alley.


Also, the city is rich in churches and cathedrals, which affect both the facades and the interior. One of the most interesting Cathedral of Olga and Elizabeth, near the train station. In addition to the Grand size and good condition in the temple are allowed to climb the spiral staircase and see the lovely panorama of the old and new town.
To reach the city railway, or by bus. From the Central Kiev train station there are many trains, however, tickets are best purchased in advance. The cost of a train ticket: reserved seat — from 125 UAH coupe — 200 UAH. To go from 7 to 11 hours depending on the train.
Bus Kyiv — Lviv from UAH 215.

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The city is located in the South of Khmelnitsky region.
The historical part of Kamianets-Podilskyi is located in the heart of the city. The Central square is surrounded by historical buildings the City court, prison and Armenian well.
Hence, we should go to the Cathedral and the Jesuit College. The buildings have interesting architecture and surrounded by sculptures. In small courtyards, there is an ancient tombstone, which give you goose bumps.
Far from the streets of the Armenian market is the art Museum, which houses a large collection of paintings. Some of them of exceptional size and have their own tragic story. There are legends that the hero of one picture can get away with it.
There is also a Trinitarian Church, not far from Central streets.
Then you can go to the pearl city — Kamyanets-Podilsky fortress. On the approaches to it is the Armenian Bastion and the ancient city gate. It offers a magnificent view of the fortress — the location for the photo on the memory.
From the Castle bridge you can see the valley around the town and the ancient walls.
Through the castle gate you get to one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. Here you can climb on walls, see dungeon and seen the tower. You will have the opportunity, archery and crossbow, or listen to stories of the medieval life of the castle. Here, at the time, was imprisoned Ustim Karmelyuk.
This is only the most well-known points, but given the age of the city there are many.
It is also worth to go to Khotyn fortress, which is located nearby and is considered to be a Ukrainian miracle. The rock is in excellent condition, and within its walls is creepy torture Museum. Tourists can walk along the walls and descend into the cellars of the fortress.
Train ticket from Kiev costs: reserved seats — from 105 UAH coupe — 215 UAH.
Bus ticket Kiev — Kamenetz-Podolsk — from 230 UAH.


City like to go to swim in the sea. However, there are many cultural and historical monuments.
One of the most famous places — the seaside station. Here you can admire the sea, yachts and Golden child.
Opposite the station is the Potemkin stairs, the most recognizable card of the city. It was built as a sign of the great love of Prince Vorontsov to his wife. The stairs offers a spectacular panorama of the seaside station. They are included in the list of the 10 best in Europe. On top of the monument to Duke de Richelieu — one of the mayors of the city.
With the stairs you find yourself on Primorskiy Boulevard. Near Vorontsov Palace, the archaeology Museum and the Museum of merchant Navy.


The Opera house is another attraction. It is considered the oldest in Ukraine, built in the XIX century. The internal structure allows you to hear from the stage, even a whisper. The magazine «Forbes» included Odessa theater in the list of the most unusual buildings in Eastern Europe.
Deribasovskaya street is the place to stroll, buy Souvenirs and iconic photos. It is decorated with sculptures, and in old houses are cosy cafés. Along stretches of Urban garden. Since 2007 here is the Musical fountain, and near the sculpture «the 12th chair», which was looking for a Bender.
Philharmonic — the creative center of the city. Built in the Gothic style with elements of Renaissance in the late nineteenth century. There are Symphony orchestra performances and concerts.
The «Privoz»market is the place to visit. Here we can feel the atmosphere of the city, it is possible to buy something and the mood lift. The building of the market belong to the cultural heritage of the city. Locals say: «was Not on the supply, so it was not in Odessa.»
Train ticket from Kiev costs: reserved seats — 150 UAH, coupe — from 260 UAH.
Bus ticket Kiev — Odessa — from 220 UAH.


The city has a special flavor, here intertwined historical legacy, and the Cossack and Jewish traditions. It serves as the educational center of the region.
Sofievka — pearl of the city, which is very proud of the people. The creation connected with a lot of love and disappointments. Built by order of the nobleman Stanislav Pototsky for his wife Sofia.
The Park is a sample of landscape art. In addition to planting exotic trees and change the landscape here was laid out buildings, gazebos, fountains and sculptures in the antique style. This is because Sophia was originally from Greece.
Numerous caves, bizarre caves, sculptures have their legends. Sometimes they are interwoven with ancient Greek, but some associated with a family history of Potocki.
Here there are caves, bridges and waterfalls next to which you should make a wish. The bridge on the Island of love is one of them. To desire fulfilled, for him to go, eyes closed, not touching the railing. The island itself is located on the Upper pond. There’s a flowerbed in the shape of a heart and a gazebo. Sail to the island of swans, so you can feed them.
Mystical powers are endowed with the Grotto of fear and doubts, the grotto Scylla, Venus grotto and the grotto of Calypso. Last carved into the rock, and the cavern walls back stone. If around it three times to get around and into the cave to flip a coin that, according to legend, the wish will come true.

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Sophia Park , each area has its own personality. To better understand take guide.
Here you can ride in a carriage or pony, also operates a ferry to the Island of Love. You can rent a catamaran or take a trip on the underground river by the boat of Charon.
The city has several hotels. One near the main entrance to the Park, the other in the city centre.
From Kiev to Uman goes a lot of transit buses is the most convenient way to get to the city. The cost of a bus ticket Kyiv — Uman — from 130 UAH.

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In the city in the Dnieper river flows into the Samara river. There’s beautiful waterfront, many parks and wonderful panoramas.
The embankment of the Dnieper — a place that must be visited. Its length is about 30 km — the longest in Europe. On the coast a lot of sculptures, fountains and nice landscaping. It’s beautiful here in the evening.
On the waterfront lookout Park. Shevchenko with a fountain.
Romantic Monastery island city — has a rocky coast, which reaches a height of 9 meters. Only from the North gently sloping beach here. The island is the Park wheel and a cascading waterfall. Across the Dnieper river leads to a Pedestrian bridge where you can take pictures and admire the view.

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Globa Park is one of the oldest in the city, founded in the XVIII century. It is very quiet, there is Summer theatreand occasional events. In the middle of the Park and lake with swans. Anyone can ride on catamarans. For children there is a mini railway.
The city has a number of different museums: the Museum of retro automobiles, Aerospace Museum, Historical Museum and Jaworski. The latter was founded in 1849 and retains unique items of national and global significance. The most unusual — the mummy of Egyptian woman with a child.
Also, the city has a Planetarium.
Train ticket from Kiev costs: reserved seats — from 130 UAH coupe — from 240 UAH.
Bus ticket Kiev — Dnieper — from 230 UAH.


The village is located on the shore of the Black sea. Here is a very developed field of entertainment, many cafes are working all year round. Spring is here not crowded and you can peacefully stroll along the promenade.
For parents with children a lot of sports and children’s playgrounds. The Dolphinarium and Luna Parkare also at your service.
For fishing in good conditions. You can fish in the village or on the outskirts. However, if you have a car, you should go to Rybakovka. The village is famous for fishing. With waterfront villages see the Ukrainian island March. The main catch is bull. Caught it on a worm, or raw fish.
Nearby Olbia — a Greek city-state. Here partially preserved ancient temples and walls of the ancient dwellings. For inspection presents a lot of archaeological finds. The place given the status of national historical-archaeological reserve.
In the village you need to go through Odessa or Nikolaev. Of the cities buses go.
Train ticket Kiev — Nikolaev costs: reserved seats — from 136 UAH coupe — 269 UAH.
Bus ticket Kiev — Nikolaev — from 267 UAH.

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Skole is a picturesque town in the Lviv region. From the river Opir. In the spring it attracts lovers of rafting. The descent starts from the village of Slavske.
On the shore fishing and barbequing on a backdrop of picturesque mountains.
On the outskirts of the city there are recreation. The prices are affordable, there are all facilities for recreation. Also offers a range of hotels.
On the opposite shore is national Park «Skolovskom Beskydy«. Except of the Carpathian mountains, cliffs and forests you can see many animals. Only birds more than 150 species. Among mammals: bison, deer, bear, wildcat, wolf, Fox, and many others. So please be careful.
Across the river Resistance is a bridge, next is becoming. In the Park laid more than five tourist routes, lies the most picturesque places. You can make a beautiful photo on the background of rocky rivers, waterfalls and mountains.
Local tourist agencies organize various interesting excursions. You can go to the medieval rock fortress Tustan, the tomb of Prince Svyatoslav and the waterfall Kamenka.

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On campus the Palace of the barons Greglow. Nearby is a Park. The estate was built in the mid-nineteenth century. Prior to the occupation of the city by Soviet troops in the Palace came to visit various European aristocrats and nobles. The fountain and the fence around the estate is quite well preserved. Now the Palace housed a boarding school.
Train ticket Kiev — Skole costs: economy class — 120 UAH coupe — from 262 UAH.
Direct buses to the city has not.
Horishni Marshes


The city is located in the Poltava region, on the left Bank of the Dnieper.
Horishni Marshes rich in monuments of art. Most of them were created by Ukrainian sculptor Oleg Ryaboy. Sculptures located in the streets of the city and is both serious and comic in nature.
City Park was populated by sculptures of fantastic heroes. It is a favorite walking place of citizens and guests of the city. On the territory there is a lake next to the ancient St. Nicholas Cathedral.
Industrial city, the surrounding area offers a huge career on extraction of ore. It is possible to carry out educational tours of industrial facilities.


Another worthwhile place is the promenade overlooking the Dnieper. Here you can see numerous Islands that grew by the river, go fishing, cook a fish soup and shish kebab.
The city is located the Landscape reserve «Forest lake». Its area more than 700 ha.
The city Horishni Marshes is extremely well maintained. The concrete jungle is harmoniously contrasted with parks, boulevards and alleys.
Railroad you need to go to Kremenchug, and then the local bus to Horishni Floodplains. Train ticket Kiev — Kremenchug costs: reserved seats — from 160 UAH coupe — 284 UAH.
By bus from Kiev, too, need to go first to the Kremenchug cost — 200 UAH.


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