Allegorical schönborn Park: a living calendar of the druids, the bridge of the Evangelists and the island of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Allegorical schönborn Park: a living calendar of the druids, the bridge of the Evangelists and the island of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Near the village of Turya Pasika, you can visit the beautiful restored Park of the XIX century.

Schönborn Park is located on the outskirts of the village of Turya Pasika Transcarpathian region in the tract of voyevodino. It was opened in 2013 year – to 285 anniversary of the transfer of land Carpathian in possession of the counts of schönborn. In the construction took part the sculptors, painters, blacksmiths, and restorers. This place was a Park in the nineteenth century, but it was abandoned.

The Park continues the intent of the estate of schönborn near Mukachevo. In its territory created a number of monuments on the basis of astronomical allegories and planted trees on the principle of the calendar of the druids. So, 4 large spires at the entry towers represent the seasons, and smaller 12 – months. In the Park there are 12 bridges – symbols of the zodiac.

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There is also a bridge of the Evangelists – the luxury Baroque crossing the river with the four apostles – Luke and John, mark and Matthew. Under the bridge arch wrought iron hanging cross for the consecration of the water that flows under the bridge.

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Among interesting locations — working stone mill and the island in the form of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867, the year. To the last you can get a small ferry across the lake. Also on the Park territory there are mines of gold of the XIX century, which you can visit. There is even an annual festival of gold.

However, one of the most interesting places in the Park – Celtic garden, where you can see the calendar of the druids in a runic circle. Here each tree is planted in a suitable position and represents an astronomical event or a specific period of time. Therefore, everyone can find a tree that corresponds to the day of his birth, or a specific date.

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The village of Turya Pasika is on the highway between Svalyava and Uzhgorod. It ravnoudalenie from the cities by about 40 km of Tur’ya Pasika is located in the lowland, and on all sides it is surrounded by mountains. Near the Park, on the outskirts of the village, works in a sanatorium.

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