Amazing music Museum in Poland: Studio recording and various interactive interesting

Amazing music Museum in Poland: Studio recording and various interactive interesting

National song festival and the unusual Museum is not the only attractions of Opole.

Opole – capital of Polish song. It was here in 1963 held the first national music festival, which is held annually. It is therefore hardly surprising that it is here, directly under the permanent festival stage, located themed Museum.
The Museum is not very big. To see everything enough 30 minutes. But there are interesting things that make you linger. For example, a music box. You can choose a song to sing and record it. And the result is sent to the email address.

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For children in the Museum there are drums on which to play. However, adults usually linger here longer. Also in the Museum you can see and even try on costumes of the iconic Polish artists.
This small region of Poland – may surprise you. In the vicinity of Opole many ancient palaces, breathtaking in its beauty. And active fun for everyone. In the city there are incredible ancient architecture and a modern interactive museums.

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To get in Opole, you can train from the city. The trip will take 5 hours and will cost inexpensive. Therefore, Opole Voivodeship is a must-visit.
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