And in the sea to swim, and to go to the zoo. What attracts tourists in the resort Berdyansk

And in the sea to swim, and to go to the zoo. What attracts tourists in the resort Berdyansk

Berdyansk zoo has expanded its Fund giraffes, kangaroos and antelopes.

The resorts of the Azov sea have something to surprise Ukrainian tourists. And one of the most interesting cities on the coast of the Azov sea – Berdyansk.
Attractions include a magnificent panorama and unique locations for a selfie. Photographed on the promenade of Berdyansk near the gazebo and near a variety of attractions. Among these statues: bullhead the feeder, lion, boy with fish and a toad, that’s choking. Many others can be found along Berdyansk.

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In Berdyansk is a beautiful zoo. Here contain about 200 species of animals. Recently there were new inhabitants – giraffes, red kangaroos and water antelopes.
The zoo hopes to expand territory. This will enable to replenish the Fund, twelve animals. The new territory plan to build an elephant house and a home for the rhinos.
7 Aug the zoo had four white Bengal tigers. And this is a unique phenomenon, because small predators are born here for the second year in a row, although in nature the offspring tigers lead once in three years.
And zoo of the Berdyansk Ukraine’s only private, has membership in the Eurasian regional Association of zoos and aquariums. But it is a recognition at the international level. Belonging to an Association can only honestly earned, according to representatives of the zoo.
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Videomay guide. Berdyansk is the best zoo in Ukraine and the Stroganov dirt

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Those who want not only to relax but also improve your health, you should visit the village of Strohanivka. It is located near Berdyansk. And here on the coast you can find mud. They are used for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases. Moreover, for the recovery do not have to spread mud, but enough to go to sea and make water bath.

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