Around the world in 80 hours

Around the world in 80 hours

If the hero of Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg took to travel around the earth today, he wouldn’t have needed 80 days.

Now to plan a trip to several countries in minutes: picking up trains, connection points, booking a ticket for the Express train and the Shuttle from the station to the hotel. Modern technologies allow to optimize any travel time and cost. Changing travel preferences of tourists: so, railway, displacing the aircraft, in future two years will be the most popular mode of transport for travel to Europe.
On the eve of New year, a growing interest among travelers cause such tourist destinations like the famous Swiss ski resort Zermatt, the territory of which there are no cars, 700-year-old Austrian kitzbühel, Cortina d’ampezzo in Italy, taking winter Olympic games, Val d’isère is a town that lies in the narrow valley of the French Alps, Courchevel is a favorite in France.
Going to a ski resort in addition to winter activities, many tourists want to see and the neighbouring towns, to travel to the country. Previously such visits had either to get serious or refuse multitur. Now come to the aid of travel by train. Advantages over other modes of transport are obvious.
Take, for example, aircraft. Budget air travel is quite high: the total cost of flights on average twice as expensive train ride. In addition, railway stations are usually located in the center of cities, so travel between cities is most convenient. Thus, the distance from the nearest Courchevel Chambery airport is 77 km away and the nearest train station is Moutiers is 25 km away and the Railway station are usually located closer to the places than airports. It would seem that traveling by plane is supposed to save time. But in fact, the time savings is negligible, because to compare costs not only stay directly in the way, but the road to the airport, waiting for registration, passing, security controls and possible delays.

Now consider the buses. Train travel is much more comfortable than the bus. And besides, it wins time. For example, the road from Marseilles to Paris by bus it takes 8 hours or by train in only 3 hours.
Travel by train in Europe is indeed very convenient because a key European airports have train stations. For example, at Schiphol, the largest airport of Amsterdam, trains depart from platforms located underneath the airport. A train station, airport Charles de Gaulle high-speed trains go almost everywhere in France and also in Belgium. The timetable of the railway is so deep that the trains are already significant competition flights. Today travelers from 34 countries, including Ukraine, can plan multimarochnaya train moving abroad from anywhere in the world. This became possible thanks to the B2B platform Rail Content from a leading provider of IT solutions to a global industry of tourism and travel company Amadeus.
Technology is changing people, consciousness, society, urban and industry. Amadeus Content Rail has changed the field of railway transport. Offers more than 25 European Railways already integrated into the system, and this number is constantly growing. And the largest of them, such as Deutsche Bahn, the Spanish Renfe and the French SNCF and others, provide users with Amadeus Content Rail the original rates. This means that the purchase of a ticket in the system Amadeus Content Rail does not raise the cost of the ticket price for a single Euro cent, matching the price when buying directly at the box office or on the website of the carrier.
Railway is fast, cheap and comfortable alternative to the bus tours and air travel.
Five of the countries in which trains are never late

  • Austria
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Japan

Three facts about European trains
The German railroad Deutsche Bahn – Europe’s longest, its length is 34 000 km.
French railway SNCF uses the safest high-speed train in the world – TGV.
The Spanish company Renfe uses АVЕ trains, capable of speeds up to 350 km/h a train covers a distance of 624 km from Madrid to Barcelona in 2.5 hours.
Where to buy tickets
In Ukraine, tickets Deutsche Bahn and the French SNCF, and Spanish Renfe and many other service providers you can buy from our partner Amadeus: KYI AVIA,, Aquavita-Tour Lufthansa City Center, Aquavita Lufthansa City Center, GK «LASPI», «Pilot», «Skhid-Avia» and others.
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