Bee farm in Kolochava: apitherapy and the recipe Transcarpathian Mead

Bee farm in Kolochava: apitherapy and the recipe Transcarpathian Mead

Bee sting treatment, delicious Mead and Wellness of an ointment of honey – unknown delights of the region.

Kolochava – the longest village of Ukraine. It is located in a mountain valley National nature Park Synevyr. Magic forests, mountains and sources there are.
In Kolochava has a magic apiary, which holds Mr. Simoni. Beekeeping he inherited: first, this was done by the grandfather, then dad, and now he has. Besides honey, pollen, wax and propolis, this gentleman, you can find more Mead, which he alone produces.

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The recipe is very simple and requires no special skills. 12 liters of warm water you need to add 6 litres of honey and mix well. Next, the mixture began to ferment, it is necessary to add 2 liters of pollen is protein food for bees. After that, everything should be poured into a bottle and put it in the cellar for two months to ferment.
Real Mead may not be stronger than 8 degrees. This wine is the product of natural fermentation of honey. To tone you should take no more than 150 grams.
In addition to Mead, in the apiary of Mr. Shimoni you can try one more interesting thing is – apitherapy. From the Latin «Cui» translates as bee. You go on an hour or two in the house that over three bee families and step in as a «new penny». Honey fragrance and micro-vibration from the movement of the bees treat the entire body.
Mr. Simoni have everything for treatment and recovery – wild honey ointment with propolis, «with all» and herbs.

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Another interesting place of Transcarpathia – the village of Rakoshyno. Here is the famous monastery. He is known to his farm here: produce and sell several types of Italian cheeses. And the monastery has a magical bell, which leads to this place all people, especially women. It in ancient times was poured with a prayer for family and love.
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