Bike to Europe: tips and life hacks for budget travel

Bike to Europe: tips and life hacks for budget travel

In Europe cyclists travel in separate lanes and on the highway for travelers, a place to stay.

After the introduction bezveza interest in traveling in Europe has increased significantly. However, even now, not everyone can afford a trip to Europe.

To see the famous and legendary space travelers waiting for discounted tickets, hitchhiking and Cycling. And for overnight stays in rented accommodation, camping, camping in designated areas and do couch surfing.

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For economy travel, the perfect bike. It is convenient to go, because it is possible to make a route, where to stop and explore interesting places for you. The most important thing is to collect the backpack, take the canned food, power-banks and watch the weather forecast on the scheduled travel date.

Prior to the checkpoint, or to the nearest town can be reached by train or bus. Then, it remains the most important thing – to cross the border. Usually there is a standard questions: where to go, how much money you have, how many days and do not carry alcohol and cigarettes.

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After crossing the border to move around on the bike much easier. In large cities and their surroundings there are Cycling trails and on the highway the cyclists are treated as full participants of traffic. The probability that someone will honk or cut virtually nonexistent. In General, to cyclists on the roads less requirements on the part of the police. It is important to have beacons and lights, but it’s more for personal security.

Best countries for touring: Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands. Here almost everywhere there are bike paths, and nearby places to stay.

When traveling by bike, you need to think in advance where to stay, what to eat, not to forget to charge mobile phone, camera and stock up on portable batteries. If necessary, you can even sleep in a Motel, and food to buy in the supermarket. But willing to travel budget can pitch a tent outside of town or pre-arrange free overnight accommodation (couch — surfing) with the locals.

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Traveling, the main thing is to get as many positive emotions, because in many cities of Europe like Central square, churches and town hall, and the memories will be priceless. So, when traveling, pay attention to people and unusual places.


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