Castle fancy graph. In myn’kivtsi village was the capital of an unknown state

Castle fancy graph. In myn’kivtsi village was the capital of an unknown state

On Hmelnitchiny worth a visit to see the former capital of myn’kivtsi state.

In Khmelnytsky oblast it is possible to find the remains of the self-proclaimed state, which emerged in the early nineteenth century. It has appeared due to the strife of the Commonwealth. And despite its short life and small, have left their mark in the history of Ukraine.
Myn’kivtsi state was founded by landowner Ignacy Marchocki. He proclaimed the independence of their lands and have a number of innovative reforms. Our time has come then the remains of the building is a triumphal arch, the remains of castles Marchocki, defensive towers, one of the fortresses, temples and ancient Park with caves.

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In our days, to see the remains of the residence of a legendary state, is worth visiting several villages Khmelnitsky region: myn’kivtsi, Members, Youths, Prytulivka, sokolec and pidlisnyi mukariv. TSN.Tourism talks about the most interesting places to see. Atcx

Myn’kivtsi – the former capital of myn’kivtsi state. First the city, then the capital and district center, and now the village. In a historic building with the dungeon is a Museum of Ignacy Marchocki. In addition, there is a Museum in a large mlinov on the ushytsia river, close to the village Members. Here are the items of everyday life of Ukrainian peasants and landlords of the XIX century and information about myn’kivtsi state.

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Near the mill preserved ancient well. In it, according to legend, the landowner Marchocki dropped a gold necklace.
One of the interesting facts – here serfdom abolished in 1795, the year. For comparison, in the Russian Empire did after 66 years in 1861.
From Minikowo magnificent panorama of the valley of the ushytsia river, which flows in a ravine.

St. Michael Church was built in 1838, the year. Prior to that, in her place stood a wooden Church, a bell which was moved to the stone building. They are the witnesses of the time myn’kivtsi state.
On the outskirts of Minikowo created the arboretum. In addition to local species, this area is home to about 260 species of introduced trees. Among them are trees-exotic plants: Ginkgo, yew, tree peony, etc.

The residence of the founder of myn’kivtsi state located in Otrokiv. At the entrance to her arch. The area around the castle Scibor-Marchocki fence stone fence with towers in medieval style. The castle is well preserved, but requires restoration. In the Park near the fortress there are remains of decorative grottoes.Роман Gural

Along with the family Palace in Otrokiv another is located in Prytulivka. It was here that he buried. But during his lifetime, as evidenced by the sources, there were gardens with fountains, waterfalls and cliffs. And the area was known as Petulia Green.

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Sokilets’ – another ancient town, now a village that disappears. On the outskirts you can find stone crosses and the remains of a Church, which was rebuilt from the mosque. Well preserved St. Michael’s Church. On the outskirts of the village, during seasonal work, have find different vintage things.
In the village Podlesny Mukaram preserved Church of St. Joseph. Although it was consecrated in 1886, the year that much later of the existence of myn’kivtsi state, the temple is worth a visit. It is built in neo-Gothic style, decorated with towers, Masonic symbolism, and interesting stained glass Windows. The Church is surrounded by a fence, near a bell tower. In the middle of it well preserved, it even has a body.

Myn’kivtsi state played an important role in the region. Here minted its own coins, there was a court, a hospital was built, where he worked for the then well-known doctors. The residence of Ignacy Marchocki portrayed on his drawings by the famous artist of XIX century – Napoleon Orda. And its boundaries were marked by posts: «myn’kivtsi state Border with the Russian Empire» and «… the Austrian Empire» respectively.
Count Ignacy Marchocki, was signed because of disagreements with the Catholic Church. In his state, he celebrated the holidays of the pagan gods, in particular Mokosh. As well as built shrines of the enlightenment of William tell and J. J. Rousseau.

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The castle hosts the international festival of laser show with «child». 2017 year was the 10th anniversary open-air. The celebration takes place in late summer.
How to get there. All places are located within two districts: Novoushitsky and Dunaevsky. Myn’kivtsi located between Nova Ushytsya and Dunaivtsi. You can get any bus that moves between cities. To reach Otrokova worth a drive to Antonovka. From here to the village of 5 km. It’s best to visit all places by car.

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