Castles of the Musketeers and the mystical Church. Five tourist objects of Ukraine, where they filmed iconic movies

Castles of the Musketeers and the mystical Church. Five tourist objects of Ukraine, where they filmed iconic movies

More locations for filming, the filmmakers find in the Western Ukraine.

One of the popular tourism destinations in the world is a journey through the filming locations of famous movies. So, fans of the epic «Game of thrones» is coming to Spain, Ireland and Icelandto see the locations where they filmed the cult TV series. Ukraine, in turn, also served as a shooting location for various films and TV series. TSN.Tourism has prepared a selection of interesting places to travel to Ukraine, where they filmed famous films.

The film «Viy» 1967 — Sedniv (Chernihiv region)

In the village of Sednev preserved the Church of St. George, in which the seminarian Khoma Brut, three nights funeral of the deceased lady. Wooden Church in 1747 was built without a single nail and is well preserved. Now you can see not only the facades, but also to go inside.

Earlier it was told more about the ancient Sednev and how to reach him. Except the Church, in the village there are a number of attractions that are worth a visit. Here you can go for the weekend and make for atmospheric photos.

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Returning to the film «Viy», it is worth mentioning another Cathedral, located in Chernihiv – the Eletsky Uspensky monastery. With the shooting of his facades starts the tape. The temple is well preserved and is now considered one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine. the Church of St. George

The film «Wedding in Malinovka» — khoroshky and Mhar (Poltava region)

The film was shot in several villages Lubensky district, Poltava region. Count luxury manor were filmed in the village Khoroshki. Now from the luxury of the estate leaving only ruins among the bushes.

But the monastery, which was hidden by the gang chieftain Grecian Tauride, preserved to this day. It is located in the village of Mhar. Now this is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky mgarsky monastery, founded in 1619. Besides the main building survived, a bell tower, walls around the courtyard and Church of the Annunciation. All facades are decorated with rich stucco. Voityk Spaso-Preobrazhensky mgarsky monastery

The film «Dangerous tour» — the city of Odessa

The entire film was shot in Odessa, with the exception of some scenes. This tape is known primarily for the fact that it starred Vladimir Vysotsky – Soviet bard and actor. He played the role of kupletistom George Bengal, who, under pain of death, prohibited distributing political leaflets.

In the film, the hero Vysotsky with a accomplice stroll on Primorsky Boulevard, the monument to Sergei Pushkin, where quoted his poem.

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The movie «Taras Bulba» 2009 — Khotyn (Chernivtsi region)

The film starts when the Zaporozhye army preparing for a battle with the poles. Here, when Taras Bulba tells his parting word, could be seen behind the walls of Khotyn fortress.

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Once again, the rock appears in the middle of the movie. It serves as a defensive Outpost of the Polish army. And at the end of the ribbon in the courtyard of the fortress Khotyn executed eldest son of Taras Bulba — Ostap.

UNIAN Khotyn fortress

«D’artagnan and three Musketeers» 1978 – the city of Lviv

The film is about a French knights appear several castles in Lviv region and the city itself. So, Svirsky castle is the ancestral home of d’artagnan and vjnel walks and picnics of the king and his entourage.

Olesko castle – the residence of the Englishman Buckingham. A fateful ball, when the Queen needs to present the king donated them to the suspension, takes place in Podgoretsky castle.

All three castles can be visited today, they are popular tourist route «Golden horseshoe of Lviv region». You can see them, leaving Lviv on your own, or book tours of attractions.

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Lviv House of scientists was filmed in the point of cardinal Richelieu. And the Armenian Cathedral in the monastery of Deso. Kolupaev Svirzh castle Olesko castle B Pidhirtsi castle

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