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10 tallest Carpathian mountains, with incredible panoramas that are worth seeing

Tourists are impressive panorama of the Carpathians and the incredible Alpine scenery. Finally began in the spring, everything blooms and comes to life. It's the perfect time to climb the Carpathian mountains and see how nature comes alive in Ukrainian mountain valleys and peaks. See also: Main trends of the Carpathians. How interesting and inexpensive travel mountains TSN.Tourism has collected 10 of the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians for an unforgettable trekking. 1. The Mountain Goverla. The altitude of 2061 m Hoverla is the highest point of the(...)

In Kiev will open 27 rental bikes for a nominal price

Renting a bike will be, presumably, four of the hryvnia. For the first 27 points of rental bicycles, which plans to open in Kiev city authorities earlier this summer, decided to purchase 300 units of two-wheeled transport. See also: Bike to Europe: tips and life hacks for budget travel It is planned to organize in the capital, 300 bicycles, the press service of the Kyiv city state administration. "The cost of the pre-hire will not be more expensive than public transport, then there will be 4 UAH", - said in the KSCA. Will purchase a bike for the investors ' funds. First rentals(...)

Steam-punk Heron «arrived» in French the gallery mechanical animals

Gallery visitors hit an incredible mechanical animals. In French gallery mechanical animals in Nantes, there appeared the figures of the herons of iron and wood. They not only fly, but also can take willing visitors. Fantastic arrangements in France had quickened the imagination of Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci. Now here expanded the famous mechanical animals gallery, which is located in the former shops of the construction of the ships. Look at steam-punk animals come travelers from all over the world. Also in the Park visitors can admire the wooden insects, or take a ride on a mechanical(...)

The foreign Ministry made an important statement for those wishing to relax in Egypt

Ukrainians are not advised to leave the hotel during your vacation in Egypt. April 15 in Egypt extended a state of emergency for another three months. The Ukrainians, who plan to have a rest on resorts of the country, should refrain from travel in the Central and Northern part of the Sinai Peninsula,and in the desert areas to the West of the valley of the river Nile. See also: Experts told, why the trips to "warm" the country is to book now This is stated in the recommendations of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine. In addition, visitors are advised to refrain(...)

In the Odessa region have revived a huge estuary, which could dry completely

The restored canal, which connected the Black sea and the Tiligul estuary. Over the past four months the water level in the Tiligul estuary has risen by 70 centimeters. It became possible thanks to the full restoration of silted channel between it and the Black sea. The pond will be more interesting for tourists, because here you can swim and go fishing. Now the salinity of the Tiligulsky estuary is normalized, which will contribute to return here for fish and birds, said on the website of the Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov. "In General, the(...)