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10 tourism business ideas that should be implemented in Ukraine

Cable car, fancy hotels, museums and Jurassic Park will attract tourists from different corners of the world. Traveling is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Especially when visiting the interesting and unseen places. It is very important that they were well groomed, were located next to the hotel for overnight stay and restaurants for snacking. But if everything is designed in the local traditions, in such places you fall in love immediately. TSN.Tourism has prepared 10 tourism business ideas that have been successfully implemented in different countries and bring considerable(...)

National Geographic called the country in which it is necessary to go this fall

Festivals of fire and wine next to the Grand castles, palaces and churches make an autumn trip unforgettable. Our planet is rich in interesting and stunning places. Among them - ancient cities, shrines and unique natural wonders. Such places are beautiful at any time of the year. However, the publisher of National Geographic has prepared a list of countries to which travel will be especially interesting in the fall. AND TSN.ia has selected the most interesting for their readers. See also: Business Insider has included Lviv in the list of 100 world cities to visit in life Bhutan The(...)

In Odessa «Bioparque» visitors to feed tigers and bears with it, and with a giraffe doing a selfie

In the zoo you can not only observe the animals and even hug and cuddle some. Odessa is a very interesting zoo where you can not only see animals in cages, but also to observe them in their natural environment. For excursions to the wild with an experienced guide you will see lions, zebras, Buffalo, Watusi (African cows), llamas and many other exotic animals. See also: The effect of the Dead sea: "the Royal baths" and rejuvenating brine kuyal'nitskogo estuary On a specially equipped vehicle for the tourists as close as possible to even come close to predators. And is such an amazing(...)

Masterpieces from France will go to the newly created Louvre in the Emirates

On November 11 in the UAE, the planned opening of the Museum "Louvre Abu Dhabi", to which numerous exhibits transported from France. The decision on Museum creation was accepted in 2007. And construction began two years later, the numerous celebrations and the arrival of French President Jacques Chirac to Abu Dhabi. Originally planned opening of the Museum the "Louvre Abu Dhabi" in 2012. However, it was postponed several times. About the final opening date was announced by the Minister of culture of France Francois Nissen news Agency AFP. See also: Amazing music Museum in Poland: Studio(...)

5 reasons to visit Mukachevo. In the city go for a young wine, legends and unique architecture

11 November 2017 in Mukachevo in a big way will celebrate St. Martin's day - the patron Saint of the city. Mukachevo most known thanks to the legendary castle that dominates the city. He persevered through numerous sieges and was a stronghold of the rebellion. And according to the legend, during the construction, the owner even had to negotiate with the evil spirit. However, the Palanok castle is not the only attraction of the ancient city. TSN.Tourism found 5 reasons to visit Mukachevo. 1. Palanok Castle Grand Palanok castle is seen before the entrance to the city of Mukachevo. It dominates(...)