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Vinnitskie The Maldives. Journey to the fabulous lake in Cherepashyntsi

Tourists striking color and water clarity in the lake. A lot of places in Ukraine remain unfairly unknown. This applies to architectural beauty, a wonderful provincial palaces, Grand castles and ancient legendary cities. As well as Ukraine nature has so much to offer: we have our own wilderness, spectacular canyons and caves, thermal water and lake with lovely blue water. Near them think you came to a foreign resort. Lake with blue water on the right Bank Ukraine in the Chernihiv region. However, another body of water that appeared as(...)

The wonders of Istanbul: Ukrainians find free accommodation and city tours

The airport Grand and generous offer from Turkish airlines for tourists. Istanbul is a city of contrasts. Ancient structures are successfully combined here with the skyscrapers. Amazing Bosphorus which divides the city into Europe and Asia, Grand Bazaar, Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia, and most importantly the people make this city unique. See also: The Topkapi Palace. The most interesting thing about housing Ukrainian Roksolana The largest airport of Turkey located in Istanbul. It was named after the first Turkish President, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He ranked third among the largest(...)

The number of Ukrainians wishing to rest in Turkey have increased EN masse this year

Turkish resorts among Ukrainians prefer Antalya. The number of Ukrainians who visited Turkey from January to may grew by 24.48% compared to the same period last year. This was announced by the Director of one of the leading travel companies of Ukraine. "Ukraine entered the top-10 countries of tourist arrivals to Turkey, showing a growth of 24.48% in comparison with indicators of last year", - the statement reads. See also: Sights of old Istanbul: the eighth wonder of the world and the mosque 10 thousand believers In just five months of 2017 visited Turkey 316,252 thousand Ukrainians.(...)

The Topkapi Palace. The most interesting thing about housing Ukrainian Roksolana

The magnificent legacy of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul. Istanbul has a surprise. In the legendary city located Grand mosque for 10 of thousands of believers and Holy to several religions. Majesty he does not hold, because here is Topkapi Palace, which is almost twice that of the Vatican, and the largest covered market in the world. The area of Topkapi Palace is 700 thousand square kilometers, which is just drowning in luxury. Its construction began in 1475. And for 400 years it was the residence of many of the Turkish sultans. And its walls saw the passionate love story of Sultan Suleyman(...)

Car rental abroad. Tips for those wishing to travel around Europe

Ten tips that should follow in the case of renting a car abroad. After the introduction of bezveza in Ukraine's interest to stay in Europe has increased significantly. And often, tourists are interested not only in leisure on the coast and resorts, but also traveling to European cities. In this case, for movement, you can use public transport or rent a car. The second option is convenient because you can make a route yourself and travel at a convenient time. Lest any trouble, it is worth considering a few rules in the case of a lease car. The tips below should adhere to to protect yourself(...)