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Holidays fall in any warm countries, and how Ukrainians can relax

The best ratio of price and weather conditions in the Emirates. Weather the day becomes colder and less welcoming. However, this is a wonderful time to travel to Ukraine, what can be done when the atmospheric autumn photos and walk among the yellowing trees. And for those who prefer the hot coast and the azure sea, TSN.Tourism has prepared a selection of affordable places to stay abroad. Turkey In 2017 some of the Turkish resorts you can relax cheaper than in Egypt. But given the current prices of the black sea coast, even cheaper than in Ukraine – especially in the fall. And for the October(...)

Impregnable castle on «the Black path», or why you should visit Starokostyantyniv

To the castle of princes of Ostrog is to go to see the unusual medieval architecture, visit the local market and look at jousting. 47 kilometers from the Khmelnytskyi is the city of Starokostiantyniv. Its biggest attraction is the castle of princes of Ostrog, near which annually host a retrospective of medieval duels. There are also the Dominican Church with a tower of the XVI century, and near old buildings merges two rivers Sluch and Ecopath. Therefore the city tour to go and panoramas cozy nature to admire, and even fishing. The first mention of the settlement on the site of Starokostiantyniv,(...)

Travel tips. 7 things not to do while traveling

During the trip, should remember the personal security, with respect for nature and people. Traveling is possible, even without harm to the environment or to get into an awkward situation. Therefore, you should follow the following tips to after returning home, left only pleasant memories. 1. You should not feed wild animals One of the reasons that pushes people to feed wild animals – the desire to make them a photo memory. However, it is worth remembering that the animal may behave with hostility and even attack. Moreover, your products could be harmful to him. 2. Do not take photos(...)

5-star the nest in Kenya. The Safari participants are offered to stay in a hotel with panoramic view in 360 degrees

Guests can spend the night under the open sky and observe the wild nature from the roof, like a nest. New hotel Nay Palad appeared on the Kenyan resort of Segera, one of the most popular destinations of African Safari in the Laikipia plateau. First, Segera was created not only as a resort, but a serious project for the conservation of the wild African Savannah. And although they come here to live among unspoiled nature, the resort has an art gallery, Botanical garden, wine cellar, SPA and salt water pool. See also: National Geographic called the country in which it is necessary to go(...)

The Ukrainian Versailles. Journey to the luxurious Palace in Samchyky

The tourists are amazed by a huge Park and presentable Palace in the village of Khmelnytskyi region. Estate of Chechel is located in the village of Samchyky Khmelnytskyi region. There is also a Park, a number of outbuildings and the Palace. The latter has almost not been restored since the XIX century, so visitors can see the original wall painting, gorgeous ceiling mouldings and architraves over Windows and doors. The Palace is designed in the classical style, became popular in the early nineteenth century. Palace and Park in Samchyky appeared in the early XVIII century. They were built for(...)