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The effect of the Dead sea: «the Royal baths» and rejuvenating brine kuyal’nitskogo estuary

Campers talk about the amazing effect after the first mud baths and bathing in the estuary. Odessa – a unique city, with its own kitchen, a particular language and the personal "Dead sea". It is located on the outskirts of Odessa and is called kuyal'nitskogo estuary. The resort is on the shores of the estuary has existed since 1834. And it mulawa-sulphate mud attract tourists a rejuvenating effect. Kuyal'nitskogo mud contains 15 trace minerals, antibiotics and even hormones. And if you soak in salt water brine, then you will have almost the whole periodic table. See also: Interesting(...)

Interesting Odessa: tourists are offered to eat shellfish black sea and sail on a pirate boat

Sailing and culinary Goodies positively diversify the rest on the black sea coast. In Odessa, except the sea, there are a number of interesting. And if the beach is busy, you can always find other entertainment. Among them - the walk along Deribasovskaya street, the campaign to market "Privoz" or out to sea on a yacht. Courts near seaside port, and there is even a pirate ship "Black Pearl". The yacht belongs to Odessa Thai origin and That his son Sasha. They live for a year in Odessa and admit that the city they love. That compares Odessa to Bangkok, because the people here never sleep. (...)

Travel on the weekends. 7 places of Kyiv, which differ in a unique atmosphere

Autumn landscapes and interesting architecture will leave great impressions and wonderful photos. Autumn brings warm days, which lacked in the summer. Therefore, there is a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend not in the four walls, and visit one of the attractions of the Kiev region. The journey will lift your spirits and add colour to our life, and most importantly, the combination of ancient architecture and the autumn landscapes will allow you to make excellent pictures, even if you are not professional. TSN.Tourism has prepared 5 places of Kyiv for travel on the weekends. The open(...)

Rest in Transcarpathia — with maximum health benefits

Transcarpathian sanatoriums in all seasons offer people excellent conditions for health improvement. When it comes to the holidays, I want to spend it not only exciting, in a new place, but with the greatest health benefits. The combination of all these factors will serve to ensure that the person after this relaxation, combined with the restoration of health, will be released back to work active, vigorous, high-impact performing their functions. Transcarpathian sanatoriums in all seasons offer people excellent conditions for recovery of the body. Choosing a Spa treatment, every person makes(...)

Amazing music Museum in Poland: Studio recording and various interactive interesting

National song festival and the unusual Museum is not the only attractions of Opole. Opole – capital of Polish song. It was here in 1963 held the first national music festival, which is held annually. It is therefore hardly surprising that it is here, directly under the permanent festival stage, located themed Museum. The Museum is not very big. To see everything enough 30 minutes. But there are interesting things that make you linger. For example, a music box. You can choose a song to sing and record it. And the result is sent to the email address. See also: Jurassic Park. One of the(...)