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5 profiles in Instagram that inspire you on an incredible journey

This social network can be a good guide and source of advice for travelers. Often, among the thousands of possibilities and suggestions we get lost with the direction for the future trip. Of course, there are those people who pre-plan everything including rest. However, all use the advice of experienced travelers and people who have seen the different countries. See also: Secrets of hunters travelling, or how to catch "the burning" tour Through their photos you too can be inspired to travel to a place which previously had no idea. Doyoutravel Briton Jack Morris threw his work(...)

Ukrainians can visit the happiest country in the world using «bezviz»

The journey in "happy" countries, it is a good opportunity to recharge your positive energy. The happiest countries in 2018 were Finland, Norway and Denmark. Each of them Ukrainians can visit using the biometric passport. The rating is calculated annually by the international index of happiness, the basis of determination of which is the welfare of the people, the environment and a number of other indicators. Traveling to these countries, not only can explore the unique architecture and culture, but also to recharge your priceless positive emotions, writes National Geographic. In the top(...)

Secrets of hunters travelling, or how to catch «the burning» tour

To go on vacation discount is most likely in the offseason. Purchase "last minute" tickets, it is usually a chance to go on a journey at a much lower price. But it also forces you to adapt on those days, offered by the travel Agency. In addition, discount vouchers sell mostly off-season or the deadline of the holiday season. So you should be prepared for some inconvenience. So, for a summer beach tours "last minute" trips are offered at the beginning of spring and end of autumn. And foreign ski resorts cheaper to fly in the summer, writes Studwey. See also: In the past year, Ukraine(...)

The resort of Cyprus has declared «war» drunk tourists

Ayia NAPA want to turn into luxury resort for family vacations. In the resort of Ayia NAPA, in Cyprus, decided to fight those who abuse alcohol and unbridled behaves in public. Here will install a modern surveillance system, in order to detain troublemakers and drunken tourists. The mayor appealed to the tour operators with the request to warn tourists about new standards of relaxation that is aimed at enhancing the prestige of Ayia NAPA. See also: In the Philippines, there was a scandal because of the pollution of the sea faeces In particular, the appeal says that in the ' 90s,(...)

There was a video, how to build a futuristic Park on «Star wars» at Disneyland

Here you can even get to fly the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo. Disney released a video shot by the quadrocopter, which showed the development of the construction of the new location of Disneyland California, dedicated to "Star wars". The new part of the Park will be called Star Wars: Galaxy''s Edge, that is, "Star wars: Edge of the galaxy." Here you can even fly a copy of the ship of Han Solo – the Millennium Falcon. The Park area will be about 57 thousand square meters; it will be a fictional planet Batu, which the creators of the Park invented specifically for him, writes the Daily Mail.(...)