Charming pearl of the Mediterranean: where is the best place to relax in Malta

Charming pearl of the Mediterranean: where is the best place to relax in Malta

Here come the coveted summer – time of holidays, time for vacation and fun trips.

The sun’s rays burn all the stronger, and the desire to go on the trip of your dreams skyrocketing. When time for selection of tourist destinations is too little, in the rush and desire to quickly get to the vacation you can not make the right choice. What to do, so you do not regret about the lost chance? To determine the place truly memorable will help a travel Agency TravelList. We have selected for You the real Paradise in the territory of which it is possible and you can soak up the sun on the Mediterranean sea, and explore the many unique attractions, and overall a great time, as should be rested and relaxed. Intrigued? Rather then read on!

Bright fireworks of impressions: the most picturesque parts of Malta
As You know, we’ll discuss one of the most beautiful countries of the Mediterranean, stunning Malta. Is not the first year the country attracts, like a magnet, thousands of tourists from all over the world. What attracted all those travelers who choose to travel in Malta? Of course, one of the reasons is the great nature, which creates all conditions for a perfect holiday: a mild climate, beautiful scenery, deposits of excellent sandy beaches and the azure of the Mediterranean sea. It would seem, what more could you want? But solar state still has something to surprise You and to please!
Colorful Malta is not only a breathtaking oasis of nature, but the abode of ancient monuments of history and culture, which will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated and discerning traveler. In addition, monuments in this small country there are so much that they more than would be sufficient for several European countries. In the country at every step You will meet memorable places, and in General, at this concentration it is safe to say that every stone here is history. But how not to get lost in such a kaleidoscope of wonders? It is this «Navigator» who will guide You towards the most interesting for sightseeing, and are a variety of themed tours to Malta, the most comprehensive programmes You can find on the page The majority of the trip to Malta is a fascinating symbiosis of relaxing vacation on the beach and exciting excursions. What are the amazing parts of Malta You can see during the trip? Said to be the most interesting and beautiful of them:
Valletta – Malta’s majestic capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Walk in the streets of the ancient city-fortress, it is imperative to fully understand the unique culture of Malta and see the magnificent architectural masterpieces. During the exciting tours You’ll find that this is one of the oldest and most major ports around the Mediterranean, you will see many fairy-tale castles located in each town square, and experience the indescribable atmosphere of the main symbol of the capital – the Cathedral of St. John.
— Mdina – former capital of Malta and an amazing city-Museum where each corner keeps a long history. For those who dream to touch the antiquity, it is the ideal destination for an interesting pastime. Ancient castles, magnificent churches, stone houses and breathtaking landscapes – it’s not all that will appear before Your eyes.

— Gozo – probably the most famous and popular among tourists island of the Maltese archipelago. Beautiful «island of Calypso» is designed for a relaxing beach holiday, with exquisite resorts, pristine nature, gentle sea and the pleasant Mediterranean climate. But if all of the above, also add a lot of historical monuments, it becomes clear why the travelers with such zeal flock to this picturesque island.
All of these cities and resorts are just one tiny part of the whole variety of directions, which has excellent Malta. No wonder they say that this is an island with incredibly rich travel opportunities, from rest and relaxation on the beach to rich excursion programs to historical sights and learning of English in local educational centers. Malta is a unique and amazing country where everyone can find something of their own.


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