Culinary tour of the region. Cooking French macaroon and soup «drunk sheep»

Culinary tour of the region. Cooking French macaroon and soup «drunk sheep»

Wonders of the Transcarpathian village of Lower housing insurgents, professional recording Studio soup and beer.

Few people know about the village of Lower. Online in just a few lines: a population of slightly more than 3 thousand people, the index of code and phone. And in this small village there is a professional recording Studio where you could easily join sir Elton John or Lady Gaga.
It was built by a local resident. Vladimir is a real fan of their region. In the Lower village, he not only built the Studio, but also reproduced the housing opryshky insurgents, who once lived in the Carpathian region. They fought against serfdom and the tyranny of the landowners.

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It offers tourists bed and a tasty meal, keeping the Transcarpathian traditions. Among the dishes worth a try drunken sheep. Do not rush to conclusions – it’s not the animal hops, it’s a soup, but with a secret. The recipe is pretty simple. Put lamb into boiling water – it can be the leg or ribs. The meat must be young and not very fat.
Then add potatoes, peppers, onions, fresh tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste. Finally, the main ingredient is 0.5 beer. Pour it into the almost finished soup.
The name of the soup means that after the meal you will not be neither hungry nor sober.

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In Transcarpathia there is one master cook, but sweet desserts. It is called a man-cake. Mr. Valentin Shtefanyo – the winner of the competition of pastry chefs in France. He was the first in Ukraine began to make real macaroons. The king of desserts and live and create their sweet masterpieces in Uzhgorod. It is here that they can enjoy.
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Videomay guide. Transcarpathia — the king of desserts, and a drunken lamb

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