Dancing among the tombs and pilgrimage to the grave of Oscar Wilde. What is known about the Père Lachaise cemetery

Dancing among the tombs and pilgrimage to the grave of Oscar Wilde. What is known about the Père Lachaise cemetery

The cemetery of Pere-Lachaise is so big that has its own street.

Paris is famous for Eiffel tower, Champs Elysees, triumphal arch and Notre-Dame Cathedral. However, there is one attraction, from which the blood run cold. However, that does not make it less interesting, but rather has its underworld atmosphere. Pere-Lachaise cemetery and memorial attractions of the city. In this cemetery are buried almost most of all outstanding people.
The cemetery is not a place for entertainment, but people come here just for this. At Pere-Lachaise is buried Oedipus Piaf, Oscar Wald and many other famous personalities, tourists come here to take pictures near their graves and even held picnics.

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The necropolis covers an area of 48 hectares, and walking all day is not enough time. Hard to believe, but a cemetery — a city with streets, avenues, parks and palaces-tombs. For Parisians — it’s no longer just the territory of graves. They don’t even pay attention to it. Because people come here to read fashion magazines or book, here are Dating and just relax. This is hard to understand because sometimes, it really becomes creepy.
This cemetery opened in 1804 and is named after the Confessor of king Louis XIV. Previously, it was far outside the city. But Paris grew rapidly and now the city of the dead is located right in the middle of the capital. Here are buried the writers, artists, actors, and still continue to bury famous people in spite of the tours and crowds of tourists.
Here you can see a confusing picture. On the one hand fellows, and other young people make the grave of his idol.
Grave of Oskar Wald fenced with a transparent fence. However, ardent fans leave their kisses. Say, to the grave come to those who dream of eternal love. There is a legend, if near the grave of the writer to whisper your wish, it will come true.

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The cemetery is open for visits until 18:00. Therefore, if walking is not worth it to stay longer, unless of course there is no desire to spend the night with the dead.

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