Eco-resort on the Caribbean sea compete for the $ 10

Eco-resort on the Caribbean sea compete for the $ 10

Company that satisfied with the drawing, promised to pay the winner 50 thousand dollars.

Villa with a surrounding area of about 1 hectare (2 acres), the owners decided to raffle everyone just fee of 10 dollars (about 280 USD). The building is located on the Islands of Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean sea, belonging to Panama.

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The lucky winner will receive the award in front of the house, two bungalows and a house-Deluxe, which itself was designed by the owners, writes the Daily Mail. The Villa can live up to 24 vacationers. In addition, on site there is a pier under a thatched shed, outbuildings, large kitchen, Laundry room and three motor boats. The resort maintains a staff of 14 local residents.

The estate is located in a beautiful area: on the one hand it is surrounded by a tropical forest, in the waters of the Caribbean sea.

This resort, the current owners, an American couple Jack and suzy Smith acquired 2013, the year when it was launched. The next five years, the couple repaired and restored desolate building with no lighting and amenities to make modern eco-resort. Before, they sold their property in the state of Detroit, USA and all moved to the Villa Casa Cayuco, having spent for it almost all means. Further repairs steam has implemented for the funds of the tourists who came: young people, families with children, eco-scientists and yogis.

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Now Jack and Susie decided to sell the resort to spend more time alone with my daughter and do business, who will have to pay less time.

The company that holds the drawing, additionally promises to donate 50 thousand dollars to the winner. In draw can take part all comers.

Earlier, in the Internet appeared photos of the most populated places in the world. It was the island of the Caribbean — Santa-Cruz-del-Islam. Here at about 0.012 square kilometers, home to more than 1200 people.

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