Excursion to the majestic mosque of the resort of Hurghada in Egypt

Excursion to the majestic mosque of the resort of Hurghada in Egypt

Rules of entrance to the mosque and life in an Islamic society.

One of the attractions of Hurghada mosque is Abdulhasan Elezi – she’s the biggest in the city. In order to go inside all the tourists — the women have to wear Abaya — a traditional Muslim dress. Before entering the Shrine you need to remove your shoes and leave on a special shelf. This rule is mandatory for all.
White mosque carved in Arabic style. The main highlight of the minaret with a height of 40 meters, which is about 14 floors. Inside the building, large Windows, modestly decorated walls and the entire floor is covered with carpet.
The carpet is also not normal. Each arch is depicted on it assigned separately for one person. This way everyone feels comfortable and nobody interferes with anyone.

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Also, here in Hurghada, lives an ordinary family: wife is Ukrainian, and my husband Egyptian. The family is not similar to classical Egyptian. And the decoration of their homes destroys all the stereotypes. That we are in Egypt resembles, except that the photo album of her husband.
Samir by religion a Christian. So the couple is well versed. But, anyway, there are some restrictions in clothing. It has more to do with social norms than with the views of the husband. Details of living together the unusual family find out in the video.

My guidebook. Hurghada — the largest mosque of the city and an international family

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«Breakfast» continues to travel around Hurghada. Today «My guide» will visit the local mosque and will attend a visit to an international family, to break the stereotypes.

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