Fabulous houses in Ukraine, which can live Disney characters

Fabulous houses in Ukraine, which can live Disney characters

Unique building attracts to the village of antoniny of artists, poets and avid travelers.

Antonina is a village in Krasyliv district, Khmelnytskyi region. A glance at its architecture guessed luxurious past. And indeed, now the village is surrounded by thickets. However, a century ago, the local Park was considered the best in the Volyn region. And the building, which is built up a few nice Polish birth, even now attracts artists, poets and travelers.


Local houses are not only artistic conception, but also the particular convenience. All these complex combinations of shapes with turrets, Bay Windows, balconies and loggias were dictated by purely functional needs, but was decorated primly, hiding its functionalist romantic appearance of miniature fairy-tale castles.

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Such a magical shape, as the title suggests, Antonina received at the end of the XVIII century. Thanks for this is the Regent of the Polish crown to the office of Ignacy Palchevskogo. It was he who turned a small town into a romantic nest for his wife Antonina.
It all came true. The owner of these lands – Barbara Sangushko – gave them the use of the husband of his sister Antonina. Then the town was called Holod’ky, but after a romantic transformation received its present name. It is not known exactly, its so called owners, or the name lived in the nation, and then became more common. However, the new image of the estate not left indifferent neither the peasants nor the nobles.


After palchevskogo the estate rebuilt Sanguszko and Potocki. Entrance gate with mascarons, vases, and ancestral coats of arms Sanguszko-Potocki has been preserved to our days. The coat of arms with semiconical cross – «Pyliava» – belonged to Potocki. The coat of arms with horseman – «the Chase» – Sangalkam.
Currently the Park has an area of about 13 hectares. Although the Palace has not survived, a lot of buildings, in which lived a servant, pleasing to the eye. Built in the style of Prussian masonry houses carry travelers not only the past, but also far beyond Ukraine. They belonged to: gardener, groom, agronomist, mechanic, vet and drivers.

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The last owner Jozef Potocki spared no expense on Antonina and even laid the Botanical garden. Of the outbuildings survived the driver, horse-riding and half-timbered garage. The last built in the style of Prussian masonry and more like a fantastic castle than space for cars.


The peasants loved working for Potocki. Because the work of the estate was not so hard on the pitch and the attitude respectful. Among the Polish gentry was even a saying: «From the Czartoryski family to live better, to Radzivilly to drink, Bracka is, and Potocki to serve.»
Another interesting place in the village – HOMESTEAD governing the estate Potocki. It is located near Antonenkova Park, on the banks of the river Ecopath. When Potocki every alley of the Park ended in a gazebo or pisanica, most of which have not survived. And the least preserved building — Lodge near the main gate.

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The village has a number of legends, who are happy to tell the local guides. Antonina, one of the places in Ukraine, which undeservedly forgotten. It is built as a sign of great love and that love has created a unique atmosphere. It is kept half-timbered houses still, in spite of numerous destruction and fires the Soviet era.

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