Fabulous place Small Coal: the architecture of the Jurassic period and a UNESCO world heritage site in Transcarpathia

Fabulous place Small Coal: the architecture of the Jurassic period and a UNESCO world heritage site in Transcarpathia

The wonders of nature, which are located near Kolochava, remain obscure.

The village of Mala Uholka the Transcarpathian region is within the Carpathian biosphere reserve, 50 km from Kolochava. Despite the fact that tourists are much less than in the Kolochava and information about the village is almost no on the Internet – Mala Uholka has something to surprise.

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First of all, on the outskirts of the village of Beech forests of the Carpathians, which are included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Among the old trees, covering the Carpathian hills, a few hidden natural wonders, which are worth to see. They are located at a distance of about 5 km from the village.

First the novelty and the location for the photo – rock-rock Stone gate. To go to it should be on North from the administrative building of the biosphere reserve, over the bridge and left. So you get to the rocks among which will be the «Karst bridge» – a huge stone arch. It probably was formed when the Carpathian mountains were sea floor, somewhere in the Jurassic period. Another nearby attraction is rock Mind you, with views of the surrounding hills and forests.

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The next noteworthy place is the largest cave of the Ukrainian Carpathians – «Druzhba». It is located about 100 metres from the Karst bridge. Cave explored by only 1 km and ill-suited to tourists. On the route there are pointers.

Another protected object cave «Milk stone», it is much better suited than «Friendship». The name of the cave has received from the white lime mortar that seeps out of the cracks like milk. Entrance convenient, has a width of 10 m and a height of 2.5 m, so the cave is well lit.

To visit all objects during the day, you should take a guide, because the caves «Milk stone» there is no direct road from the Small Embers. The path to it lies through the forest, and without an experienced guide or GPS you can get lost.

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