Find out what to see and what to fear in the market in Hurghada

Find out what to see and what to fear in the market in Hurghada

Grocery market of Hurghada, is not only cheap dates, melons, and spices, but also the attackers.

Hurgada, this is a wonderful place to better understand the lives of the Egyptians and what they do on a daily basis. As previously mentioned, this is primarily a full-fledged town, and then later a resort.
There are a lot of ethnic institutions, markets and mosques.
One of the nice places – market Elsy. Here you can see the Egyptian women in traditional clothing, pyramids of garlic, children who sell the figs for 15 UAH per kilo and slender local cats. And even in the market selling chickens, which are just in a place you turn in fresh meat. In short, the place is very colorful. But the main thing — do not yawn and keep track of your things.

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Elsy, this is the place where they sell mainly vegetables and fruits. Here you can buy local spices, Egyptian spinach and potatoes, which is of considerable size. As well as watermelons, melons, peaches, and apricots.
Watermelons that have light color, usually not ripe. Therefore, to choose among the darker berries.
Some Egyptians know of special equipment for carving watermelon. For this you need to learn about ten years. When cutting out the images they use an assortment of knives, each of which has its own particular purpose.
See the video how the Egyptians masterfully carved watermelon rose and fish from the cartoon «Nemo».

My guidebook. Hurghada — a colorful market and a master class on carving

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Today «My guide» continues to travel to Hurghada. Snidanovy Natalie Pike will show you the local food market — very colorful place. And then go to a master class of carving.


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