Five unknown resorts Zaporozhye region on the Azov sea

Five unknown resorts Zaporozhye region on the Azov sea

Home-grown fruit, mud and other delights of a holiday on the Azov sea.

Zaporizhzhya region is usually associated with heavy industry, the Dnieper hydroelectric station and the island of Khortitsa.
However, we should not forget that the region on the South by the sea of Azov. There are numerous resorts, motels and holiday homes.
Most popular city for tourism, it is Berdyansk. But there are still a whole series of towns and villages that come alive in the summer, and their population increases several times.
TSN. Tourism has prepared a list of 5 tourist destinations for travelers in Zaporizhia region on the banks of the sea of Azov.

Novopetrivka village is 12 km from the city of Berdichev. Near the village flows to the sea the river Byrd.
The holiday season lasts from may to September.
In Novopetrivka the long sandy beach. Here you can rent a boat, catamaran, there are also a number of water activities for adults and children. The cafes and restaurants.

In the village you can go fishing.
The locals grow and sell home-grown fruit and vegetables. Therefore, you can cheaply Supplement your diet with vitamins.
The village is very quiet but there are a number of boarding houses. It is located near Berdichev, where you can go for entertainment for adults and kids, Local bus, it will take less than 30 minutes. Prices in Novopetrivka rental housing will be lower than in the district.

The town of Primorsko is a picturesque coastline. This is the beginning of Obitochnaya spit, which separates from the sea, numerous bays and estuaries. On the shore there are natural sources of mineral mud, which have therapeutic effect.
The town has a gently sloping beach, so the water warms up quickly. Besides swimming with the kids will be safe. This is the perfect place to teach kids to swim.
The swimming season lasts from may to September. Pensions and camp sites start to operate, respectively, during this period. The town also has a health complex, hotels, cafes and supermarkets. So everyone will find a rest to taste.
It is worth noting that despite many offers to stay the prices are low. The cost of accommodation, meals for one ranges from 120 UAH. per day. Guests can be accommodated near the sea in the boarding houses. You can also live in tents.
Most of the beaches are on the Obitochnaya spit, so the path to them lies through bridges. Spit juts out into the waters of the Azov sea at 30 km.
Those interested can visit the Museum of the city. Frolov

The waterfront village is a short distance from the seaside, slightly West of Obitochnaya spit. The city is washed by the Obitochnaya Bay, which empties into the Salt river.
The best time to travel here is between may to October.
Tourists are attracted to this healing mud Liman Obitochnaya. They help to restore the nervous system and treatment of the joints. In the recreation will tell you about the whole set of exercises with mud and water for the overall health of the body.
The cost of accommodation in the resorts starts from 180 UAH per room.
The population of the village is just over 100 people. The locals engaged in the cultivation of vineyards and orchards. Local management can be purchased at competitive prices.
One of the activities of tourists is deep sea fishing. Locals rent boats and fishing equipment.
The village has a small market where you can buy necessary products, Souvenirs and beach equipment.

Primorsky Posad
The village of Primorskiy Posad is 1 km from the river Domuzla. On the far side there is another resort village Novokonstantinovka. The river flows through the tract Tobolski estuary.
The holiday season lasts from may to September.
In the village of little entertainment, and no large influx of tourists, so it is suitable for family travel.
On the shore of the sea of Azov is a number of camp sites and bases of rest. Accommodation prices start from 70 UAH. Discos, cafes, shops, are at camp. In the village there is a pharmacy and several shops.
The beaches here are sandy with admixtures of shells, gently sloping beach.
The resort is remote from railroads, highways and cities. The most close Melitopol – 43 km.

Stepanivka Persha
The village of stepanivka Persha is located on the shore of the Azov sea. At a distance of several kilometers there is a Dairy estuary and originates Stepanovskaya spit. Vacationers love to visit the place where the estuary communicates with the sea.
The swimming season lasts from may to September.
Stepanivka Persha, the same as the Primorsky Posad sibagatulina even in the season. So staying here is perfect for couples with children. It is worth noting that there are no industrial objects.
The cost of living from 70 to 350 UAH per person. Depending on needs and comfort. The cheapest option would be to rent a room in the private sector. There are also a number of recreation facilities to suit different tastes and budgets.
The beach here is gently sloping, sandy. Its outstanding feature is the clay cliffs, which stretches almost along the entire coast. For diving enthusiasts, a few miles from land there are wrecks.
Infrastructure in the village is poorly developed, has several shops, cafes and market.
The place is ideal for beach lovers, the sea and the silence.

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