For fans of «Game of thrones» has built the ice hotel in Lapland

For fans of «Game of thrones» has built the ice hotel in Lapland

The hotel has 24 rooms with different subjects of the series «Game of thrones».

Fabulously beautiful hotel based on the series «Game of thrones» carved out of ice and snow in the resort of kittilä (Kittilä). It is located in Finnish Lapland. The hotel is called SnowVillage and covers an area of about 20 thousand square meters.

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Vacationers can rent one of the 24 rooms and even spend the night here, writes CNN. But the owners are not recommended to live in a hotel more than one day to avoid hypothermia. For the night the rooms have hewn from the ice bed insulated sleeping bags. In addition, in the morning in the rooms bring a hot berry drink.

In each room the walls are decorated with unique ice-and-snow sculptures and bas reliefs based on the books by George R. G. Martin’s «a Song of fire and ice» and TV series «Game of thrones». They developed professional sculptors from around the world. Among the rooms is decorated in the likeness of the «Hall of faces», a hall with the Iron throne and the room with the crazy White Walker who glow with cold blue eyes.

Besides the apartments, the hotel also has a bar and restaurant, and even snow, the slopes and rooms for photography. In rooms maintained at a temperature close to -5 degrees Celsius.

Those wishing to stay at the SnowVillage a few days I propose to spend the night in wooden huts that are near the hotel. The entrance to the grounds is $ 18, and tour — about $ 78 for a group of 30 people.

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The resort of kittilä is located at a distance of 200 km above the Arctic circle. Here you can see the Northern lights, go on a snowmobile Safari, and ski or snowboard in one of various descents.

Previously mentioned the ice hotel in Sweden where rooms are decorated with sculptures of various fairy-tale characters. It was decorated with 36 artists from 17 countries. For the construction of the hotel used 30 thousand cubic meters of snow and ice.

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