Holidays fall in any warm countries, and how Ukrainians can relax

Holidays fall in any warm countries, and how Ukrainians can relax

The best ratio of price and weather conditions in the Emirates.

Weather the day becomes colder and less welcoming. However, this is a wonderful time to travel to Ukraine, what can be done when the atmospheric autumn photos and walk among the yellowing trees. And for those who prefer the hot coast and the azure sea, TSN.Tourism has prepared a selection of affordable places to stay abroad.


In 2017 some of the Turkish resorts you can relax cheaper than in Egypt. But given the current prices of the black sea coast, even cheaper than in Ukraine – especially in the fall. And for the October holiday in Turkey is best suited in Alanya. The temperature of the air in the resort is about 26 degrees and water 25 degrees. Rest for two will cost from 15 thousand hryvnia. However, for this price are 4 star hotels. A 5-star hotel will have to pay more.

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Holiday in Egypt in most cases will be more expensive than in Turkey. However, this country has its advantages. So, the hotels in the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh more and more luxurious for the majority of Turkish counterparts. Moreover, it is noticeably warmer than in Antalya. The air temperature at 32 degrees, water 27 degrees. Autumn holidays in Sharm El Sheikh for two will cost from 18 thousand hryvnias. To travel to the Sinai Peninsula, which is located in Sharm El Sheikh, visa is not required.



Among the popular resorts is warmer than Egypt will be the United Arab Emirates. So, in Sharjah, the average temperature in October reaches 36 degrees, and the water is heated to 31 degrees. Stay on the UAE resort will cost more than in Egypt or Turkey. Ticket prices for two start from 22 thousand hryvnias for seven nights. The price includes flights, airport transfers, hotel accommodation and breakfasts.

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Among the resorts of the coolest Tunisia – Nabeul. The temperature here is about 26 degrees, and the water is 24 degrees. Accordingly, prices for holidays start at 17 thousand for two. The price includes the costs of travel, transfers, accommodation and meals all inclusive. Khribi


Vacation in tel Aviv is not cheap. The prices starts from 40 thousand UAH for two people for a week in a four star hotel. The price includes Breakfast, flights, transfers and accommodation. The Mediterranean coast near tel Aviv warms up to 26 degrees, the air temperature reaches 28 degrees. Ukrainian tourists can stay in Israel for 90 days without a visa. Naamat


In November the average temperature in Larnaca is 30 degrees and the sea warms up to 25. The Ukrainians tour operators offer trips to Larnaca from 36 thousand hryvnias for two. The price includes flights, airport transfers, accommodation in a four star hotel and all inclusive. Cyprus and other EU countries, Ukrainians can travel without visas up to 90 days.

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