How to create a great video while traveling

How to create a great video while traveling

When making a video about the trip, share more than dry information, and their own emotions.

Journey is a great way to relax, get positive emotions and become a little bit happier. And to remember the best moments and share them with friends, you can make bright photos and videos.
And if photos social networks are full, then video publishing unit. This is because not everyone knows which camera to shoot and how to draw attention to your videos. And most importantly – how to overcome fear of the audience, you can’t see.
How to choose a camera?
Professionals use a number of cameras. However, the newcomer will be enough that is at hand. If the idea of the video interesting – will watch it, even if you remove the phone.

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Buying a camera, do not overpay for unnecessary features. And besides the video quality, pay attention to the sound. If you do not understand what you are saying, then watch the video to be interesting. The sound will be better in the cells where you can connect an additional microphone. And in an open area, use the coupler for a microphone. Quality sound give your video an advantage.

How to attract attention?
It is important to communicate with the audience while shooting video. If your movie is uninteresting, it will cease to look at the first minute. Change the shooting location and fix the camera on a stationary tripod. Traffic is important for attracting viewers.
Another method of interest is to put an interesting picture in the Intro to the video. It must be the most vivid picture that conveys your emotions and the surrounding atmosphere.

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When making a video about the trip, share more than dry information, and their own emotions. Pixel

How to overcome fear in front of the camera?
Fear is natural in any performance. Everyone is afraid that he will misunderstand or judge you. However, in order to overcome itself – worth a try. The first video you can withdraw in solitude or among close friends. Fear of the camera will disappear if you shoot a lot video. Not necessarily to publish, the important thing is to do more attempts.

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Fear can be overcome if to shoot video in public places. People will stop and watch. However, this will help to get rid of the embarrassment before the audience.
Be yourself during the shoot. Act natural and don’t copy anyone. Then your video will be sincere, and the audience will enthusiastically watch the vlog. Asato

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