How to relax and not to get into danger at sea. Azov rescuers share their experience

How to relax and not to get into danger at sea. Azov rescuers share their experience

Saving post in Kirillovka per day has not allowed to die from dehydration and drowning 22 vacationers.

Sea, sun, beach, cool drink — these things are not normally associated with danger. However, we should not forget about rules of behavior on the water. First of all, the waves and the wind, which will carry tourists on an inflatable mattress in the sea. Another problem rest in the water – alcohol abuse. And in such cases suffer not only adults, but unattended children.

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To prevent the dangers at the seaside, lifeguards. For example, a post in the town of Primorsk (Zaporizhia region), there are about 3 years old. His staff has saved hundreds of people during this time. They say that every day to help more people.
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Videomay guide. Rest on the Azov sea

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A typical situation for the saviors of the Azov coast. Fishing wanted to go to sea to catch some bulls. Swam a few meters and here the trouble – a broken paddle. The boat will carry from the shore and push it to land on their own is dangerous. One solution is to wait for the rescue squad.
When a person takes them deep into the sea without lifeguards is not enough. Especially if the camper got sunstroke and fainted. This year only one day the staff of the rescue squad in Kyrylivka (Zaporiz’ka oblast) rescued a 22 «mattress». 14 of the rescued children.
The rescuers working on the coast are not only to saving people on the water, but also travel to various accidents and other emergencies. For this they have a special vehicle with different equipment is hydraulic equipment, cutters, diesel generators, pumps, hoses and more.

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Rescue operations are not the only representatives of gschs. They hold master classes for tourists. Learn to determine whether there is a pulse and how to do cardio-pulmonary massage. He needed to revive a person who is one step away from death.

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And they also distribute educational materials that tell you how to avoid emergency situations on the water. After all, preventive measures is better than rescue operation.

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