Impregnable castle on «the Black path», or why you should visit Starokostyantyniv

Impregnable castle on «the Black path», or why you should visit Starokostyantyniv

To the castle of princes of Ostrog is to go to see the unusual medieval architecture, visit the local market and look at jousting.

47 kilometers from the Khmelnytskyi is the city of Starokostiantyniv. Its biggest attraction is the castle of princes of Ostrog, near which annually host a retrospective of medieval duels. There are also the Dominican Church with a tower of the XVI century, and near old buildings merges two rivers Sluch and Ecopath. Therefore the city tour to go and panoramas cozy nature to admire, and even fishing.

The first mention of the settlement on the site of Starokostiantyniv, dates from 1505. However, they rebuilt and fortified the city in the second half of the XVI century, Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky. Because of his rule laid down a number of cathedrals, starokonstantinovsky castle and securely fortified city.

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There is information that in Starokostiantyniv were «Black way». That is one of the ways, which the Tatar Horde drove the slaves to the Crimean Peninsula. And the castle of the princes of Ostrog was so strong that the Tatars never failed to capture it.

Now in the territory of the fortress is a functioning Church with unique frescos of the XVI century. Next, in the holidays is fair, where local artisans exhibit their work. This is mainly wood and ceramics. Also there are festivals and jousting. Festival playing medieval battles «StarKON» takes place in late August and lasts several days. During the live music groups and entertaining events.

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And in one of the renovated parts of the building there is an unusual workshop Gonchar Nikolai Velichko. Former PE teacher and journalist, and now Gonchar Nikolai creates incredibly stylish dishes and has a special style, although he won’t admit it. To fully manufacture one plate, the wizard requires several months. However, his unusual ceramics worth the effort, said the master.

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Details about Starokonstantinov and Gonchar self-refer to the subject headings «Miy Punic» program «snidanok z 1+1».

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