In 2017 came to Kyiv to most tourists for the last three years

In 2017 came to Kyiv to most tourists for the last three years

The number of tourists visiting Kiev, but growing this to a certain extent contribute to some of the negative factors.

In 2017 the number of foreign tourists visiting Kiev, the highest over the past three years. Early travelers less interested in the Ukrainian capital, but the new statistics showed that the situation is changing for the better. Most visitors to the city attracted by the beautiful temples of Kiev and cheap prices.

Over the past year the number of tourists has almost reached the pre-crisis level in 2013, writes UNIAN referring to the head of the Department of tourism KSCA. It is known that in 2014, guests from abroad left in Kiev about 6 billion hryvnia. But in 2017, this amount has nearly tripled to 17.9 billion.

Moreover it is known that, on average, one foreign tourist spends in Kiev about $ 150. This amount also increased over the past three years.

According to the KSCA, 60% of foreigners visiting Ukraine, coming here as tourists, and one third for business Affairs. The bulk of what tourists, as noted by the representatives of the city authorities, was made up of Europeans (52%). Another third of the inflows from the Asian region. And about 8% of the total number of visitors from overseas.

Despite the tourist rise of Kiev there is a negative side — the part of the travelers coming to Kiev for cheap sexual services.

Recall that The year 2017 has become the world’s most tourism over the past seven years. Last year abroad went more than 1300 million people from different parts of the world. The primacy among the countries that took travelers, keeps France. Second place was taken by Spain, which this year is ahead of US.

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