In Kiev has introduced a tourist card with free tours and discounts on activities

In Kiev has introduced a tourist card with free tours and discounts on activities

Map KyivPass costs 15 euros a day and incorporates a certain set of services.

In Kiev, presented the tourist map KyivPass that will help tourists better navigate the city and get a package of free entertainment. About it reported in management of tourism of the Kyiv city state administration, the correspondent of TSN.
As told to the authors, their project was founded a year ago, in creating the experience took over Barcelona, Berlin, London, but was most inspired by the example of Oslo.

Currently you can buy three types of cards: card of the day is 15 euros for two days – 25 euros for three days – 35 euros. The price is uniform for both foreigners and domestic tourist. For these means , tourists are already available:
1. Free two-hour sightseeing tour by bus
2. Free walking tour
3. A passage in more than 20 museums of Kiev
4. A trip on the metro (a free daily 3 card and 5 free for 2-3 hours of power maps, a service passage, the cards will be connected next week)
5. Discounts on visits to schools, excursions to Chernobyl and the like.
At the same time, the Department of tourism of the KSCA said that not all the museums easy to arrange, for example, still has not reached agreement with the Museum of history of Ukraine during world war II, as well as with the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Maps are attached booklets with lists of free services and discounts. The authors of the project are constantly negotiating about expanding the list. Also look forward to working with the taxi services.


It can be purchased through:
— Information kiosks
— Airports and shopping centers
Gift shops
— Online through the website KyivPass
— Official tourist portal of Kiev
— Mobile app KyivGuide
In the mobile app is the audio guide, and in addition, the card holder will be available round-the-clock call center. Card do not have to carry a physical, it can be kept in the mobile app and show as connected to the system the locations of the qr code on the phone screen.

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