In London sell one of the popular theatres of the Royal family

In London sell one of the popular theatres of the Royal family

In the theater then popular actors, who prefer commercially profitable movies and.

Theatre Royal Haymarket is the main centre of theatrical life of London. It is called Royal for a reason, because he used to love to visit the Queen Uk Queen Elizabeth II and even her mother. But in recent years, the school is difficult to attract to the game in the performances of the actors who increasingly prefer commercially profitable movies and.

Viewers less come to the Royal Haymarket due to the lack of famous actors, writes Daily Mail. People more like to turn on the TV and watch the favorite stars in there. And artists can’t find time for theatrical productions for projects on television, where they are paid an incomparably large amount. Due to the tight schedule of filming, actors often do not appear on the statement, which also outraged the public.

«Theatre can’t compete with popular TV shows in terms of drag and drop actors, because their budget is many times exceeds the capacity of the Royal Haymarket,» says the current owner of cultural institutions Arnold crook.

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Mr. crook managed the theatre all his life, and his family owned the building for 37 years before him. He says he’s happy to have experienced all the «UPS and downs» of the theater, but now sees no other way out. The owner hopes that perhaps someone else will be able to breathe life into the theatre that is in decline.

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Theatre Royal Haymarket is located in the prestigious London district of West End. Here are concentrated all the musical and theatrical life of the city, and various museums and cultural institutions. Property in the West end is more precious and attractive. But in the message about the sale said that the building cannot be rebuilt and used as something other than theatre, for another 69 years.

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