In Odessa «Bioparque» visitors to feed tigers and bears with it, and with a giraffe doing a selfie

In Odessa «Bioparque» visitors to feed tigers and bears with it, and with a giraffe doing a selfie

In the zoo you can not only observe the animals and even hug and cuddle some.

Odessa is a very interesting zoo where you can not only see animals in cages, but also to observe them in their natural environment. For excursions to the wild with an experienced guide you will see lions, zebras, Buffalo, Watusi (African cows), llamas and many other exotic animals.

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On a specially equipped vehicle for the tourists as close as possible to even come close to predators. And is such an amazing tour is 150 UAH. On Safari can go children older than 5 years.
Apart from Safari you can see many other animals that are as close as possible to the guests. Among these: the white lions, Bengal tigers, Gibbons, chimpanzees, Siberian bear, Capuchins, lemurs, giant tortoises, kangaroos and meerkats, as well as the only Southern Ukraine and Rothschild giraffes.

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In the zoo you can feed animals, even a bear and a lion, and a small Bengal tiger to pet and cuddle. Among the attractions in «Biopark» lives a giraffe that loves to do a selfie, and lemurs do not leave tourists until you beg for all the Goodies.
There is a zoo from 10:00 to 20:00.

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Details about the journey to «Bioparco» video rubric «My guide» the program «Breakfast with 1+1».

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