In the Seychelles has created a reserve the size of a third of Ukraine

In the Seychelles has created a reserve the size of a third of Ukraine

The government of the Islands will protect the designated areas in the Indian ocean in exchange for the cancellation of the public debt.

In the Seychelles Islands and the surrounding waters of the Indian ocean created a natural reserve with an area of about 210 square kilometers. The country needs to protect designated areas, which will be granted only to research and educational groups. The decision of the government of the Islands agreed to in exchange for the cancellation of 21 million of public debt.

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A unique arrangement, the government of Seychelles has signed with the us environmental organization the Nature Conservancy and a number of investors even in 2016, writes BBC Ukraine. Under the terms of the agreement, the part of the public debt paid to investors. Instead, the country should make contributions to the trust to restore and maintain the flora and fauna of the Indian ocean and protected Islands.

A significant amount of the public debt of Seychelles has paid the Fund Leonardo DiCaprio.

In the future the country will send back funds into new trust — Fund-in-Trust for the preservation of the natural environment and adaptation to climate change in the Seychelles (SeyCCAT).

The trust will offer lower interest rates to pay the debt. Any savings will Finance new projects aimed at protecting natural resources and adaptation to climate change in the region.

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Under the agreement, Seychelles will increase the size of protected ocean areas from 0,04% to 30% by 2020. You will first create a marine conservation area in the Islands Aldabra, where nesting colonies of birds, home to hundreds of thousands population of turtles and dugongs — sea cows — one of the most endangered species in the Indian ocean.

The second stage will be the creation of the Park around the main Islands of the Seychelles. There also will limit fishing and tourism.

I mentioned earlier that due to the negligence of tourists in Thailand will close one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Neglect vacationers and owners of yachts visiting the Bay, to coral prompted the authorities to such extreme measures. The fact that in recent years they destroyed about 72% of the coral reefs that grow near the beach.

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