In the Ternopil region sold by the Medieval castle

In the Ternopil region sold by the Medieval castle

Yagilnicky castle, which was built in 1630, the year sold for $ 960 thousand

Yagilnicky castle is a historic landmark of this ancient city yahil’nytsya.
Now it’s two villages that share the riverbed Cherkaski – yahil’nytsya and Nahirianka. The building itself is located on the territory of the latter, however, retained the name of the old city. The exact location of the castle is a village Nahiryanka, Chortkiv district, Ternopil region.
The castle was built in 1630 by the Polish nobleman Stanislaw Lanckoronski. After him the estate was owned by the Ukrainian Cossacks and the Turks.
In the XIX century the castle was bought by the Austrians and equipped in this tobacco factory. During this period, defensive ramparts and ditches were destroyed and buried.

In the early 2000-ies of the estate of privatized Russian businessman Alexander Potemkin. Now he is selling the castle for $ 960 thousand Implementation is of Ternopil Agency was opened in October. Its representatives reported that the building was already four interested buyer. Among them – two of Kiev, Lviv and resident of Lutsk.
The Agency reported that the motives for buying are very different: for business, tourism or to build a HOMESTEAD for themselves. But the priority buyer, which will develop tourism. The castle is located near the road, on the route of the Kamenets-Podolsky – Khotyn – Chervonograd.
Square Agulnick castle 14 thousand sq m. this plot size of approximately 4.4 hectares.
In the regional Department of tourism reported that the sale of the castle will not change anything for the worse. At the moment, no fun to it do not drive, and show the tourists from the street. Therefore, the sale may improve the condition of the monument and the restoration of historical places.


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