In the vicinity of Belize is a resort island, where they relax Topless

In the vicinity of Belize is a resort island, where they relax Topless

The cost of staying on the island strto with 5 thousand dollars.

On the private island near the coast of Belize has opened a nudist resort. Here vacationers can be completely naked, or wear only some of the attributes of the wardrobe at will. At the same time, allowed to rest only adult pair. The number of tourists on the island does not exceed 50 people in one race.

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Near the island, which was named Fantasies Island, is a huge barrier reef, so guests can explore the underwater world and diving, writes The Sun. In addition, the nearest city, Belize – Dangriga, just half an hour by boat, and therefore vacationers can also visit attractions on the continent and to explore the historical monuments. Among these ancient Mayan temples, and nature reserves of Belize with a unique fauna and flora.

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The rest of the island is not cheap. The price starts from around 5 thousand dollars. The most expensive can cost even up to 17 thousand dollars. The resort stay is organized in all-inclusive: accommodation, meals and some excursions. Despite the cost, tickets for the next available week is already sold out.

Previously mentioned the nudist educators who travel the world and lead your candid travel blog. Nick and Lins not just like getting naked, they also conduct educational activities and explain that nudity is a step to total freedom. Stay naked, in the opinion of the girls and the guy has nothing to do with swinging, exhibitionism or voila.

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