Incredible Berehove: part of Hungary in Transcarpathia and unique hot spring baths

Incredible Berehove: part of Hungary in Transcarpathia and unique hot spring baths

The resort town is famous for its thermal waters, analogues of which there are only four corners of the world.

The city is located in the West of the Transcarpathian region near the border with Hungary. It is interesting due to its ancient architecture, kitchen, and Hungarian thermal waters. By the way, the curative water has a composition of substances which have analogues only in the four corners of the world: Iceland, New Zealand, Kuril Islands and in shoreline.

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Thermal pools in Berehove located close to the centre. To them the water rises a geyser from a depth of 1500 meters and its temperature throughout the year remains the same – at least 30 degrees. Thermal waters in Berehove contribute to the recovery of the body after surgery, stabilization of the nervous system, treat cardiovascular disease, restore hormonal and endocrine balance in the body. The pools are located at the resort where you can live healthier. Accommodation can be rented in hotels or private sector.

Another attraction is the wine. Berehove is surrounded by small hills, planted with vineyards. And it is the center of Hungarian culture in Ukraine. So here you can see different ethnic group, without leaving their country, and to taste the traditional Hungarian dishes.

Another attraction of the city is the old architecture, which, moreover, is well preserved. Among the most interesting attractions: Earl’s court with a Cartwright, stables and the granary, a luxurious building of the City court of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, the ruins of a castle and several old churches.

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