International day of tourism. The most interesting places to travel and the wonders of Ukraine

International day of tourism. The most interesting places to travel and the wonders of Ukraine

27 November in Ukraine celebrates the Day of tourism.

Ukrainians love to travel – according to the State statistics service, in 2016, have been abroad nearly 2.5 million of our fellow citizens. Among the most popular destinations are: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Germany. And for the summer holidays countries remain attractive resorts in Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.

Abroad the Ukrainians are traveling for the sake of emotions, impressions and to see how people live in unfamiliar surroundings. The most interesting places recognize the countries of Asia, Africa and America, where significantly different worldview, as well as architecture and nature. However, for most people in the country travel is still not available.

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Informed TSN.Tourism was described as cheap to visit the most interesting places in the world slump of the season. Also told of ancient cities with incredible architecture that has survived. And for those who want to travel this fall, National Geographic called the country in which it is necessary to go.

If to speak about traveling near abroad, it is worth to visit Poland. Here you can go to one of the smallest, but very interesting Voivodeship – Opole. Its center — the city of Opole is famous for its ancient architecture, the festival of Polish songs and interactive musical Museum. And in the village Krasev that nearby, the tourists are amazed by Jurassic Park with dinosaur dummies real growth.

Among fans traveling to Ukraine is popular for the Carpathians and Transcarpathia. Interesting cities of Western Ukraine for traveling will be: the ancient Lviv, Mukachevo, with its majestic castle Palanok and Zhovkva, built on the principle of the ideal cities of the Renaissance.

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Experienced travelers to Ukraine should visit the Khmelnitsky region, which has many palaces, castles, caves and various natural wonders. For example, in myn’kivtsi village in ancient times was the capital of a little-known state. Here you can learn about the history of the region and explore the castle a strange graph. Another interesting place is the village of Antonina, in which are preserved many interesting houses with romantic architecture.

And in the Ternopil region, you can find real wonders of Ukraine is the mysterious Chervonohorod castle, dzhurinsky falls is the largest plain in Ukraine and Grand cave Optimistic.

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In General, Ukraine is rich in interesting tourist locations. However, not all of them know. Remember the location, which had previously been prepared to TSN.Tourism:

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For residents who do not want to go far from the city, had prepared a compilation of «7 breathtaking places to visit on the weekend«. And in the neighboring Chernihiv region, you can visit the luxurious Kachanovsky Palace and mystical Sednev, the surrounding panorama which is especially beautiful in the fall.

For those wishing not only to travel, but also to develop the Ukrainian tourism, it is necessary to consider the «10 travel business ideas which can earn Ukraine«. Schneider


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