Journey the time machine: in a French castle Guedelon continues XIII century

Journey the time machine: in a French castle Guedelon continues XIII century

Tourists go to Guedelon to eat dishes from the oven, to see how the materials at hand and build a castle to help in the construction.

Castle Guedelon is located in the French Burgundy, in the Yonne Department. It still continues the XIII century, which began 20 years ago. That’s when a local landowner decided to build a castle using only medieval instruments. Before the completion of construction, according to preliminary calculations, there are still 5 years.

It all started with the fact that the owner of the land Michelle Gallo wanted to build a castle completely following the technology of the XIII century. He was supported by a group of historians, which help in realization of the idea. Now in construction, employs about 60 people, who enjoyed only the benefits available in the middle ages.

So, the master is housed in makeshift huts, built of clay, wood and straw. They cook food on the fire and in the oven, keep a small farm and wear appropriate clothing. All metal products blacksmiths forge in the smithy, and the ropes weave their own from hemp. On the site there is no electricity – all the light and heat of fire.

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Castle, Gideon, like most medieval castles is based on career, it simplifies the delivery of stones. They are mined by hand, divided into blocks by wedges and polished medieval devices. Deliver the goods by horses harnessed to a cart and raised on the castle tower special stoplink wheel. Therefore, the construction of stretches slowly. Next is glinishchevo and the forest – this allows you to obtain all the necessary materials fast enough.

The BBC called this unusual construction — the largest archaeological experiment in history. Conventionally, the construction began in 1228, now – 1248 and finish are planning to 1253. In fact-to build the castle began in 1997-m to year.

During its existence the project has gained a great response, here come the tourists, volunteers and those wishing to participate in the construction. Now near the castle you can book a tour, learn the construction business, and taste medieval dishes. And sell Souvenirs: forged knives, small tools, wooden utensils, toys from wood, organic cloth and paint.

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