Jurassic Park. One of the unique museums in the world to visit in Poland

Jurassic Park. One of the unique museums in the world to visit in Poland

Dinosaurs in real value, and bones of prehistoric reptiles can be seen in Krastova.

The Opole city is the capital of the opolskie Voivodeship in Poland. There is something to see and where to go: old churches, interesting houses, bridges and city fountains are pleasing to the eye. It is known for its musicality, is held the festival of Polish song. And in the local Park there are statues of famous musicians.

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However, in Poland, in addition to the capital, there are a number of interesting places. Nearby is the village Krasev. Here you can walk a huge Jurassic Park. This complex is fully devoted to dinosaurs. Unpark in Krasiwo – one of 4 places in the world where dinosaur bones dug, and only drew and represent the way they were found.

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In Krastova Park built for a reason. Here was found the remains of 6 species of dinosaurs: palonosetron, metoposaurs, cyclotosaurus, phytosaurs, Elizarov and silesaurus. The latter is interesting because it is the ancestor of the dinosaurs.
All the figures of prehistoric animals in natural size, so some are incredibly impressive. And from the tour you can learn many interesting facts about these animals.

Here you can see the most famous dinosaur in the world — Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is considered the main predator of Jurassic world. But it turns out that it is not. Recent studies show that most likely he was a scavenger and it is very much in evidence.

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In addition to «JuraPark», in the vicinity of Opole, you can see many ancient palaces.
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Videomay guide. Opole Voivodeship is the birthplace of dinosaurs and the most beautiful palaces of Poland

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