Kharkiv confectioners were created popular all over the world 3D-desserts

Kharkiv confectioners were created popular all over the world 3D-desserts

Unknown Kharkov: fancy confectionery products and a children’s circus Studio.

Kharkiv is a very diverse city. There are well-developed industry, rich history and interesting architecture.
Interesting attractions include a number of ancient temples that are worth seeing: the assumption Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, St. Demetrius Church and Kharkiv Cathedral mosque. In Kharkov, there are also many picturesque parks, squares and gardens. However, those who have been in the city several times, might want to see something new.

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The city is home to one of the best confectioners in the world, which is known for its exclusive десе6ртами. Her creations have a very diverse look: geometric shapes, heart, flowers, clouds, concrete blocks. And it is not immediately clear that you can eat. And all because the pastry Dinara KASKO by an architect. She, after the birth of her daughter, decided to work with design houses, but with sweets. The basic idea is that it was not immediately clear that it’s sweet.
Now a designer exclusive shapes for cakes and cupcakes. Each cake contains at least 30 ingredients. Silicone mold for sweets, design and formulation dinars scattered around the world. In her workshops is expected in China, Brazil and throughout Europe.
Unusual in Kharkov it’s worth mentioning the professional children’s circus Studio. Children who study here have repeatedly performed under the circus dome. And also, they have many Championships, wins and awards. Children training here for 4 hours daily. As someone working in the Studio for 6 years.

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Details of making unique desserts and the story about the circus Studio, see video.

Videomay guide. Kharkiv — an unusual 3D-desserts and a children’s circus Studio

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